The secret to younger looking skin: Treat your skin to a moisture surge

Pevonia Organic Skin Care Australia Moisture Surge Anti Aging

Yes, the secret to younger looking skin is not a secret at all. In fact, all skin care experts say it over and over again – hydrate and replenish your skin’s lost moisture to keep it smooth and youthful.

Some people have this false thinking that during Autumn or Winter, the skin remains moist. During the colder months, your body automatically adjusts its temperature, forming a warm blanket to protect you from extreme cold. It uses your body’s reserved fluid while it works which also means you have to add up fluid to keep you dehydrated. That is also one of the reasons why your skin gets dry and flaky during winter.

There are three ways to hydrate and replenish, and treat your skin to a moisture surge:

1. Drink plenty of fluid to keep your body hydrated, not only during winter but the whole year through. Remember that a well hydrated body stays younger. Those who gulp down plenty of water ages slower than other people of the same age. This habit also flushes toxins off the body and keeps diseases at bay.

2. Eat fruits and veggies that are good for the skin. After flushing off the toxins, reload with healthy food so your body would have vitamins and nutrients to absorb.

3. Use organic skin care products. Help your skin by feeding it only with natural products that are rich with all the nutrients it needs minus the harmful chemicals present in other drugstore brands. Not many people realise the power of organic skin care but you’ll appreciate it when you grow older, seeing your skin looking a lot younger than your actual age.

Prepare your skin for winter with these moisture rich skin care products for the face and body:

For the face – Age Defying Marine Collagen Cream 

For the body – Preserve Body Moisturiser

Pevonia Organic Skin Care Australia Anti-Aging Marine Collagen

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