Home spa tricks that you’ll surely love!


While it is a truly different experience being pampered at your favourite spa, setting up a home spa could be rewarding too! Good thing is, there are plenty of inspiration boards out there that could totally get you in the mood for decorating and prepping up for your dream bath.

We came up with a short checklist of what you should do to easily change from one setting to another, as well as the bath essentials that must always be in stock just in case you’ve got a guest to please, or simply when you want to indulge into a glorious pampering treat.


Think of themes that you could easily switch to. Having themes help in making each home spa experience a unique one because just like food, you can’t have the same viand everyday. Write them down on a piece of paper and think of 3 to 5 themes you’d love to start building (of course, you can’t buy all accessories in one shot!). Go to Pinterest and start pinning!

What’s in our mind? Garden filled with flowers or potpourri, vintage theme paired with great 60’s music, zen – minimalist style, river/beach, and a lot more!


Home spa tips & tricks







1. Flowers galore

It’s not like you’re going to pick fresh flowers daily! Every once in a while, treat yourself to a romantic spa bath that’s made for the movies. Instead of letting those flowers wither, why not include them in your home spa regimen? The sender would surely be happier if they find out you did something extraordinary with the flowers.

Did you know? During the ancient times, they believed that putting rose in the bath water would soothe and heal physical and emotional pain.

2. The scent helps induce a relaxing feel.

Ever wonder why you always, always feel like dozing off while having your favourite treatment at the spa? Spas always make sure they have aromatherapy pots warming the entire place. Aromatherapy for Stress Relief

Home spa tips & tricks







3. Dim the lights.

Invest in a dimmer which you can get at a local DIY shop and ask an electrician to install it for you. If you have a big space in your bathroom, why not use candles as decors? If you’re using tea-light candles, make sure you blow them all out before leaving the bathroom.

4. Take it away, maestro!

Depending on your mood, you may listen to different types of music to enjoy your bath even more. Some people prefer to listen to nature (birds chirping, flowing river, the sound of the wind) and some enjoy classical music.

Body Scrub

5. Scrub it!

We have plenty of scrubs that you can choose from. Our Tropical Line has de-aging properties while our Silky Skin Body Scrub polishes all the rough areas of the body. Add Mystique Escape Bath Salt and immerse yourself in glorious aromatherapy. Don’t forget your face mask!

Pick your products here:
De-Ageing Saltmousse Mango-Passionfruit
De-Ageing Saltmousse Papaya-Pineapple
Silky Skin Body Scrub
Aromatic Moor
Mystique Escape Bath Salts
Face Masks

6. Cold cream

Here’s a simple trick. Place your moisturizing cream inside the fridge. Not only will you feel really good with the instant cold cream on your face, placing your skincare products inside the fridge will also prolong the products’ shelf life.

6. Happy Feet.

Show yourself some love. Learn how to perform basic massage on yourself. The best gift you can give yourself after a long day is a foot massage.

Spring Prep: Get Svelte with Smooth and Tone Cream and Gel

Next in our Spring Prep series is the Smooth and Tone Body-Svelt Cellulite Cream and Gel. If you’ve been using our Seaweed Exfoliating Soap to battle cellulite and dry skin, adding these two power-players to your regime will see you well on your way to a cellulite-free existence.

What is it?
These two potent products work together to fight cellulite. Massage the GEL into areas like the thighs, hips and inner knees every morning then follow with the CREAM each evening applying in the same manner.

What’s in it?
Green Coffee features prominently in both products thanks to its ability to help improve skin texture and eliminate water retention.
The cream also contains Green Tea for its antioxidants, licorice for its anti-inflammatory properties and kola nut to help aid in fat burning.
The gel has an added caffeine boost to help purge water build up as well as Vitamin E which also helps eliminate stretch marks.

What does it do?
Combine these two powerhouse products and you’ll experience eliminated toxins, decreased water retention, improved blood circulation, improved skin elasticity, better breakdown of fatty deposits, reduced puffiness, and much more.

Purchase your Smooth and Tone Body-Svelt Cellulite Cream here
Purchase your Smooth and Tone Body-Svelt Cellulite  Gel here

Skin vs Body: The Beauty Survey that Shows Good Skin is in

If the beauty genie came to your door to grant you just one wish would you choose to instantly have your perfect body or perfect skin?
Those very rare individuals who have effortlessly flawless skin would probably be surprised to hear the majority of Australian women would opt for great skin over a Victoria’s Secret model worthy bod. But anyone who has ever suffered from acne, rosacea, aging, dullness or sun spots, you’ll know how confidence-crushing skin woes can really be.

Given this, we’re not all that shocked to hear that the majority of Australians are more concerned about their skin tone and texture than they are about their weight. The Cosmetic Physicians of Australiasia and cosmetic medicine website Costhetics conducted a survey of 751 Australians which showed the following results:
58.5% of respondents said skin tone was the most concerning aspect of their appearance
38.9% ranked the appearance of fine lines
34.7% ranked loss of volume in the face and weight

Luckily, you don’t need a genie to start improving your skin tone and getting on the road to flawless skin. Visit your nearest Pevonia Spa and speak to a therapist about the things you can do to improve your skin condition or head to our online store to check out our natural, active products. If you want help without leaving the house, fill in our Contact Us form and tell us about your skin concerns.

Believe us when we say there IS a solution to your skin woes!

Radical Bliss!

Review: Pevonia Anti-Free Radical Facial










Bless me girls and boys for I have sinned! It has been eight months since my last facial! So when the girls at Spa Pevonia invited me in for a treatment I jumped at the opportunity.  What a lovely way to start the week! I’ve just arrived back at my desk and can’t wipe the smile and the glow from my pampered face.

I arrived 15 minutes early for my treatment as requested and after being greeted was introduced to my therapist who asked me to complete a health questionnaire. My lovely therapist went through this with me thoroughly, asking me numerous questions to determine the best treatment and finally recommended the Anti-Free Radical Facial.  Unlike many who complain about this lengthy process I actually enjoyed it as it made me feel reassured that not only would the treatment be safe for me but would provide the best possible results for my skin type.

I was then escorted to a changing area and asked to put on a white fluffy gown and slippers and wait in the relaxation lounge.  The sun was shining in and the music soothed my senses, I was just finishing my delicious fruity tea (I might have had a fresh muffin too) and my therapist came to escort me to my cosy treatment room where I instantly felt relaxed.

I was made comfortable on a divine bed with heat packs soothing me in all the right places and covered in a soft heated blanket….bliss….and my therapist began the treatment.

First she cleansed my skin with a soothing emulsion that was removed with warm fragrant towels.  Once cleansed a lovely warm “oaty” enzyme peel was applied and kept warm under steam, while this was working to remove my dry, dead winter skin cells my therapist massaged my arms with a cool geranium scented oil.  Once again warm aromatic towels were used to remove my enzyme peel and my skin already felt fresh and vibrant.

A delicious-scented, silky oil was then applied to my skin and for the next 15 minutes I was massaged all over the face and neck.  Did I mention the bliss? My skin literally drank the exquisite concoction which I was told contained skin rejuvenating vitamins A and E which counteract free radical skin damage and brightening mandarin.  All sounded and smelt very good to me.  When the massage was finished (I wished it could have gone on forever) my therapist applied an amazing mask that was thick and warm and invigorating, the peppermint and lavender combination was amazing!  The warmth remained as the mask set and then cooled to a refreshing chill.  My therapist explained it helped to aid in the penetration of the vitamins and increased the circulation.  While this was on my scalp was massaged and I think I may have slept (me snoring?! Noooo!) The mask was removed in one easy piece and my skin felt incredible, awake and so incredibly hydrated.  Protective products were used to seal in all the goodies and protect me from the damaging rays of the sun and my treatment was complete.  I mentally vowed to come every month for a facial treatment.

More relaxing in the relaxation lounge, they told me I could stay as long as I liked, and I was ready to face my working week.

I still can’t get over how baby soft my skin feels and how vibrant it looked after this treatment. I highly recommend it to anyone who suffers winter dehydration or even if you skin just feels “out of balance”. To find out where you can have the “Anti-Free Radical Facial” just visit the Pevonia Search a Spa

So when was the last time you treated yourself to a facial?