Valentine’s Day Skincare: How to get gorgeous skin – today!

Valentine’s Day Skincare: How to get gorgeous skin – today!

Whether you are a Valentine’s Day believer or not, today does provide a good excuse to shower your partner – or better still yourself – with some love…and pampering!

Unlike a box of chocolates that could pack on the kilos (eek) or a bunch of flowers that’ll wilt away in a matter of days, beauty products will last a whole lot longer and offer a multitude of benefits!

Here is our top tips to showering yourself (and your skin!) with love this Valentine’s Day:


Let’s face it, we all want that “just had a facial” glow and what better way to achieve it than a powerhouse duo such as the Pevonia Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser and Youth Renew Tinted Moisturiser. Rich in chamomile, calendula, natural jojoba, marine collagen and vitamin C, they work in tandem to polish away dulling skin and restore radiance and instant luminosity!

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Who doesn’t want soft, glowing skin on Valentine’s Day and every day of the week? You can indulge yourself and see the results immediately with Pevonia Silky Skin Body Scrub and Dry Oil Body Moisturiser – your go-to spa experience at home. Firstly apply the scrub to remove unwanted, dry, dead skin cells then spray your entire body with the amazing scent of Lavender & Chamomile – Dry Oil Body Moisturiser indulges your skin in aromatic glory without an oily or greasy feeling. Immediately absorbed, it revitalizes and nourishes every inch of skin rendering your body silky-soft with a radiant, healthy glow.

Treat yourself to the Perfect Couples Body Gift Set

Pevonia Valentine's Day Gift - Body Set


Why not truly spoilt yourself on Valentine’s Day by booking a last-minute in-spa treatment?Whether it be a relaxing body treatment or a results-driven facial, we have you covered. Contact your nearest salon or spa today

Dating Tips: 5 things a guy notices about you in 5 minutes

Pevonia Botanica Australia Organic Skincare Dating 101 ValentinesIt’s Valentine’s Day and you’re probably so excited about your date tonight. Ladies, always show up like a queen! Regardless of what kind of date it is (first date, blind date, regular dinner date with hubby, group date), you should always be your best self! Appearance matters because it keeps the other person attracted to you. There are 5 things a guy first notices upon seeing you. If you want him to keep looking at you, and only you, follow these tips:

1. bright, flawless face

Though you can always use a good foundation to achieve that flawless look, it is important that you are particular when it comes to skincare. If you end up dating that guy more often, you’ll have to find other activities to do like sports and you’ll have to lessen the makeup by a notch. Start on a skincare routine now.

2. decollete

Oh yes! Men will agree to this and the women will probably raise their brows but it’s true; men appreciate a good looking decollete on a date (don’t overdo it if it’s a first). After having long discussions with several alpha male friends, we figured: men want to date women who are sexy (but not slutty). Showing a little skin up there won’t hurt and make sure yours is young looking with the Pevonia neck and bust line.

3. feet

I was supposed to write posture but hearing a female colleague say feet just kicked posture down to six! Tips: (1) Wear hot shoes. (2) Please, have a foot scrub a day before to avoid dry, flaky feet. (3) Apply body oil or moisturiser to keep your feet and legs looking soft and sleek. Keep a moisturiser in your tote for some last minute retouches.

4. hands and nails

Dull, undone nails – total turn off! Remember that the way you touch or hold things is by itself an act of flirting so how in the world are you going to show them off if they’re dry, rough and not so pleasing? Do yourself a favor. Keep your hands soft, irresistibly smooth and so alluring, he’d want to give you a ring. Try these hand rejuvenating Pevonia products. For pretty nails, we recommend ELES Cosmetics 5 FREE nail products.

5. skin

You’re pretty, tall, and sexy. You dress really well and you think you have it all if only you have better skin. Babe, achieving healthy skin is hard work! Yes, you have to drink plenty of liquid, eat more fruits, and exercise. Maintain your skin’s youthful complexion with these wonder products.


Wrinkles and blemishes begone with the new
Pevonia SPA Clinica Pro – Micro Retinol range.
It’s an anti-aging miracle in a bottle! Pevonia Botanica Australia Organic Skincare Micro Retinol Skin Love

Don’t forget to have a spritz of your sexiest perfume and apply a body moisturiser or dry oil before heading out of the office. Enjoy your date tonight!

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