Beautify yourself from head to heel!

Pevonia Botanica Australia Organic Skin Care skincare blog beautify yourself from head to heelThe season of frocks, fillies and all things fancy is upon us once again.

Spring Carnival is the perfect opportunity to glam it up but remember a good beauty regime is just as important as your choice of fabulous frock and fancy fascinator!

Looking good is also about feeling good. Follow these tips and tricks and be prepped from head to heel in no time at all!

1. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

The best way to prep skin is to eliminate any dead skin, clogged pores and really boost circulation! Exfoliating will also allow moisturisers and serums to better penetrate the skin for the best possible results! Oh and say hello to a renewed, youthful and radiant complexion. Try the Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, a Pevonia best seller and your new ‘must-have’.

2. Moisture Burst

An important skin care product to splurge on is a facial serum. A serum is your go-to product to improve the overall look of your complexion. They are used under your moisturiser and have the ability to penetrate deeper into your skin’s layers for optimum results. Dependant on your skin type we have a serum for all! However for a spring racing burst of moisture we recommend the Age Correction Intensifier Collagen & Myoxy Caviar. The silky smooth intensive treatment absorbs quickly rejuvenating skin, smoothing wrinkles and unveiling a luminous complexion. Yippee!

 3. 5 star moisturiser

Continue the regime with everyone’s necessity, a fabulous moisturiser. Everyone wants a moisturiser that does it all and we have exactly that! Bring on visible radiance with the Lumafirm Repair Cream – lift and glow. This powerhouse cream works deeply and quickly, infusing your face, neck and décolleté with the best anti-free radicles, the latest generation of repairing peptides, and outstanding brightening actives. It hydrates, protects, repairs, brightens, tightens, redefines and slows down the aging process. Amazing stuff!

4. Leg prep!

It’s time to put on that gorgeous short summer dress and this means getting your pins out! Perhaps the first time this season too! Treat your legs as you do your complexion and prep them with love.

Apply Silky Skin Body Scrub all over to exfoliate away any dead skin cell build up, this will also create the perfect canvas to apply Self-Tanning Emulsion for a subtle heathy tan. Want the professionals to give you that ‘oh so gorgeous’ natural tan. Visit a Pevonia salon, sit back and let them beautify you!

Before leaving the house a spritz of Dry Oil Body Moisturiser is a must! Legs will be silky smooth and ready to run the ‘best legs’ race.

5. Sleep, sleep and more sleep

Make sure you get a good night’s sleep as you don’t want to be dealing with under eye baggage in the morning! However a restful night’s sleep is not always possible for everyone so make sure you have your rejuvenating eye gel at the ready! Try C Evolutive Eye Gel and say goodbye to puffy eyes!

6. Be sun smart!

Don’t forget to protect yourself with a good sunscreen. Forget the oily, thick, white, cringe inducing slap, the Hydrating Sunscreen SPF 30, a Pevonia favourite, glides on smoothly, and effortlessly absorbs into the skin imparting sun protection benefits, hydration AND antioxidants to nurture and correct skin health.

7. Hydrate!

If you’re going to enjoy a few cocktails this carnival season, make sure your body is fully hydrated. Drink water… and lots of it, because your skin needs it.  Keeping skin hydrated is great for overall health and wellbeing.

8. And finally treat yourself!

This is the perfect season to indulge in a little extra beauty TLC. If you have the luxury of treating yourself, head to a Pevonia salon and let the professionals work their magic.

Facials, massages, high performance skin treatments, body wraps, tanning are just some of the services available but for the ultimate ‘spring racing ready’ treatment you simply must experience the Lumafirm Lift & Glow facial! It’s the ultimate multi-tasking facial! Not only does it render your skin ultra-luminous with a firmer, tighter and more youthfully defined appearance it also works as the perfect instant repair boost when you want to look your absolute best.


Jump on board and enter our competition for your chance to win these fabulous products and the “Spring Racing Ready” treatment at a Pevonia partner spa/salon near you!

Pevonia Organic Skincare Australia skin care Spring competition

Meet a Pevonia “Cult” Product – the Hydrating Sunscreen SPF 30

Pevonia Botanica Australia Organic Skin Care skincare sunscreen pevoniaWe know, we know you’ve heard this a million times; sunscreen is important. BUT did you know sunscreen contributes to 99% of ageing skin while protecting skin from the damaging ultraviolet rays, UVA and UVB. UVB is responsible for sunburn and cancerous changes while UVA has more long-term damaging effects, like wrinkling a premature aging. UVA has a longer wavelength, travels through glass and damages collagen, speeding up the aging process. In short there is no reason why you shouldn’t wear sunscreen each and every day to protect your pretty complexion and skin health. 4 Reasons why you need the Pevonia Hydrating Sunscreen SPF 30 in your beauty arsenal…

  1. You haven’t seen a sunscreen like this before! Forget the oily, thick, white, cringe inducing slap. This Pevonia favourite glides smoothly onto the face and effortlessly absorbs into the skin imparting sun protection benefits AND antioxidants to nurture and correct skin health, Aloe to hydrate skin and Rose to reduce inflammation.
  2. Just how great is this Sunscreen? You can wear makeup over the top without the greasy feel. Like any other beautifully textured Pevonia cream, the Hydrating Sunscreen SPF 30 is a tri-phase formulation to penetrate the skin’s surface instead of sitting on top of the skin.
  3. We’ve been through the importance of protecting skin from UVA and UVB rays, right? Well buckle up because this sunscreen has broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection to provide your skin with complete coverage.
  4. Sunscreen will remain, through the years and seasons, your biggest anti-aging product. So find one you are comfortable using each morning which provides more than just sun protection benefits for the skin. Of course, we suggest the luxurious and finely formulated Pevonia Hydrating Sunscreen SPF 30.

Pevonia Botanica Australia Organic Skincare skincare Hydrating Sunscreen Have the skin of a supple smooth grape, not of a wrinkled dried raisin!

What other sun care tips can you share with us?

Prep your skin for Spring and Summer

Pevonia Botanica Australia Organic Skin Care skincare C Results Luminous C & Sea

No amount of thick coat could prevent your skin from getting dry during winter so after months of covering up, it’s time to pay your favourite salon a visit to have a treatment that invigorates your skin and brings back its youthful glow.

The Pevonia Luminous “C” & Sea treatment has a potent blend of stabilised vitamin “C” combined with the latest high-tech formulation of freeze-dried seaweed. It reduces fine lines, strengthens elasticity, and provides relief for dull, sun-damaged skin. Your complexion resurfaces renewed, firm and extremely smooth with a luminous glow.

And just how amazing would you look in your sundress with glowing skin, whilst walking along Bondi Beach?

Here are a few reminders to achieve that youthful glow, from today and everyday:

  • Have the Pevonia Luminous “C” and Sea treatment to officially kick off your Spring/Summer
  • Protect your skin with a hydrating sunscreen with SPF 30 and always have it in your tote so you can re-apply.
  • Hydrate in the inside and out. Drink plenty of water and bring a mist spritzer to soothe your skin on days when it gets extra hot.
  • In the evening before you hit the bed, boost your skin’s radiance with rejuvenating “C” Complexe.
  • After days of basking under the sun, go for another Pevonia Luminous “C” and Sea treatment to provide relief for your dull, sun-damaged skin.

What are your Spring/Summer vacation plans?


Spring Prep: Get Svelte with Smooth and Tone Cream and Gel

Next in our Spring Prep series is the Smooth and Tone Body-Svelt Cellulite Cream and Gel. If you’ve been using our Seaweed Exfoliating Soap to battle cellulite and dry skin, adding these two power-players to your regime will see you well on your way to a cellulite-free existence.

What is it?
These two potent products work together to fight cellulite. Massage the GEL into areas like the thighs, hips and inner knees every morning then follow with the CREAM each evening applying in the same manner.

What’s in it?
Green Coffee features prominently in both products thanks to its ability to help improve skin texture and eliminate water retention.
The cream also contains Green Tea for its antioxidants, licorice for its anti-inflammatory properties and kola nut to help aid in fat burning.
The gel has an added caffeine boost to help purge water build up as well as Vitamin E which also helps eliminate stretch marks.

What does it do?
Combine these two powerhouse products and you’ll experience eliminated toxins, decreased water retention, improved blood circulation, improved skin elasticity, better breakdown of fatty deposits, reduced puffiness, and much more.

Purchase your Smooth and Tone Body-Svelt Cellulite Cream here
Purchase your Smooth and Tone Body-Svelt Cellulite  Gel here