Ask a Dermatologist – What is Rosacea?


Red in the face lately? If it’s more than just a rosy complexion or a slight flush, you might have rosacea, a chronic skin disorder resulting in distinct and constant redness. Since rosacea has no known cure, we wanted to find the best way to prevent flare-ups and treat the symptoms.

Dr. Christian Jurist, a certified dermatologist and medical director of global education for Pevonia, recently took time to answer all of our most pressing rosacea questions so you can calm to redness.

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a chronic and progressive, micro-circulation disorder visibly resulting in persistent redness, dilated capillaries, congestion, and last but not least, papules and pustules (breakouts!).

How do I know if I have rosacea?

Affected individuals will usually suffer from spells of flushing and blushing presenting skin redness and sometimes a burning sensation. Dilated capillaries under the skin are common as well.

What triggers rosacea?

Usually rosacea is triggered by extreme temperature changes, sun exposure, emotions and stress, hormonal changes, certain cosmetic products, spicy foods, ingestion of alcoholic beverages like wine, and also hot beverages such as coffee.

What should I avoid if you have rosacea?

Primarily, the triggers mentioned above should be avoided. Then, a proper, gentle and dedicated skin care regimen to control and treat the sensitivity of rosacea skin should be followed. It is recommended to visit a dermatologist as well for a professional point of view.

What treatments can be used for rosacea?

Gentle products intended to soothe, cool and calm sensitized skin are the main focus. Doctors mostly rely on antibiotics to control a certain population of micro-organisms that can worsen the condition. In addition, doctors will recommend sunscreen to reduce skin damage. Last but not least, concealing mineral makeup is recommended to cover and/or cancel out redness. Pevonia® offers the RS2 Rosacea range for home use and a Professional Treatment Mask administered at a qualified salon or spa.

Do treatments differ between mild and severe rosacea?

As Rosacea advances, the treatment must be adapted to address the current condition of the skin and affected areas. If Rosacea is not managed properly and is not under control or worsens, targeted medical treatment is required to control further damage beyond the skin. Rosacea products for home use can be used at any stages, but it is recommended to have periodic examination by a skin professional to learn if a modification of the recommended routine is necessary.

What ingredients should I look for in products to help remedy rosacea?

Green tea, licorice extract, chamomile extract, and French rose extract are very effective ingredients to control rosacea symptoms when used on a regular basis. In general, any ingredients that can reduce skin irritation and calm the skin are ideal.

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How to make every day a Spa Day

Pevonia Botanica Organic Skincare Australia bath tub home girl garden make every day spa dayWe work hard like bees everyday and we deserve to have a break every once in a while. What’s more rewarding than to have a pampering sesh at your favourite spa, and indulge in the rich goodness of Pevonia’s organic skincare products? It’s okay to ask for a me-time (a form of self-preservation to keep you sane). It’s my ‘you can do it‘ prep treat, my ‘pat on the back for a job well done‘, my ‘good girl‘ present, and sometimes, my ‘it’s okay‘ consolation prize.

If you are the kind who constantly needs a break to keep going, you can definitely make every day a spa day. You will need the following:

1. A relaxing ambiance. Scented candles or aroma oil burner, your mix of spa tracks, dimly lit room. No dimmer? Create one! Punch holes on a coloured manila folder creating a polka pattern, roll it up and keep ends together with a magic tape. Use this to cover your bathroom light. (xoxo, DIY hippie =))

2. Beauty mix. What do you need to address today – dry and flaky facial skin, aching back, tired feet? Pevonia Bathing Pleasures Line has all the products you need to make each spa-at-home experience a grand one! (See the special promotion we have for you this month. Purchase any of the three body products and get a FREE travel size Anti-Stress Bath & Shower Gel.)

3. Spa accessories. Bath salt, wax, fresh towels, bath robe the silk ones make me feel like a royal), flower petals for my tub, bath tub caddy with book tray and drink holder (posh!), tub pillow – the works!

4. Healthy drink that you juiced or blended yourself.

5. Massage chair or comfy area where you can do the spa add ons or final touches (nail treatment with ELES ‘5 Free’ nail polishes = perfect even for kids).

Watch Liane’s pampering ritual with Pevonia >

Enjoy your Pevonia spa-at-home experience! Is there anything you would like to add to this list? Comment below.

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The Perfect Pamper Evening

I love Friday nights, the working week is behind you and two glorious days of fun, relaxing and doing the things you love are just ahead.  The possibilities are endless!

And on Friday nights I love to kick start my weekend with a total pampering session.  Not only does a pamper evening help us unwind from the tensions of the week; it also helps prepare us for looking our polished best over the weekend.

So I wanted to share with you my perfect menu for a total skin and soul treat with Pevonia…

First I run a bath into which I pour some Mystique Escape Bath Salts and a few squirts of the Anti-Stress Bath and Shower Gel.  The salts help to replenish lost minerals in the body while the aromatherapy oils treat the skin and psyche.  I promise your bathroom will smell like a gorgeous day spa and the soothing begins at once.

While the bath is filling I remove all traces of makeup from my skin with a good double cleanse, sometimes I put a deep conditioning treatment in my hair.  I then get a glass of cool water to sip in the bath, light some scented candles and turn out the lights.  Time to get in.

Once I’ve relaxed and practiced some deep breathing to relieve any tension I get to work…

First I take the Silky Skin Body Scrub and exfoliate my entire body concentrating on dry areas such as the elbows, knees, feet and ankles.  This formulation is super creamy and contains wonderful skin softening and conditioning ingredients that remain on the skin.

I follow with the Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser on the face and neck; this gentle formulation polishes rather than scrubs the skin so can be used several times a week to keep the skin buffed and smooth.

Now that my skin is free of dry, pore-clogging cells I massage my face with the Aromatherapy Face Oil Harmony. This is a blend for Combination Skin and I love the fresh, citrus scent.  It works especially well in the bath as the steam helps to dilate the skin helping the oils penetrate more easily.  It’s very lightweight and silky in texture and I find it helps to balance my oil production rather than exacerbate it.  There are two other blends for dry and sensitive skin and I switch them up depending on how my skin is feeling on the day.

I leave the oil on my skin and over the top apply the Balancing Combination Mask which helps to draw the excess oils from the skin leaving only the pure essential goodies behind.  The peach and apple extracts in this mask not only smell delicious enough to eat, they brighten the skin leaving it revitalised and glowing!

Sometime later, after the mask has had time to work and I’ve soaked the tension away I remove the mask and hop out of the bath (reluctantly!) I spritz my entire body with the Dry Oil Body Moisturiser and massage it into my damp skin which by now has taken on a lovely luminous sheen thanks to all the wonderful potions.  This oil smells so incredible, like a soft floral bouquet and it penetrates the skin so easily leaving it soft and smooth and free of tackiness.

I apply my Evolutive Eye Cream which helps rejuvenate the eye area while I sleep and the Balancing Combination Cream which feels so fresh and light and my skin feels like I’ve just had a professional facial treatment.

At this point I make a soothing cup of green tea and head to bed.

Once there I massage my feet with the Multi-Active Foot Cream which is amazing!  It contains salicylic acid which smooths away callous that build up when I’ve been wearing sandals all week.   I pop on some sleeping socks and then massage the Multi Active Hand Cream into my cuticles and nails.  This brightens the skin and strengthens the nails as you sleep.

Now I feel so completely pampered and relaxed and enjoy some peaceful time sipping my tea and reading my latest book.  I always sleep so incredible well after a pamper evening and wake up feeling so rested and restored.  The bonus is that my skin always looks it’s very best the next day which is usually a makeup free day for me!

While Friday nights are usually my preferred Pamper Night I often enjoy a pamper evening mid-week too. I highly recommend you do it at least once a week.

To find out more about the products I’ve mentioned simply click on the links and if you need advice on how to tailor products for your own pamper evening don’t hesitate to ask by going to and chatting to our experts.

And finally to get you in the mood to enjoy your own pamper evening, enjoy this PAMPER NIGHT VIDEO

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