How to make every day a Spa Day

Pevonia Botanica Organic Skincare Australia bath tub home girl garden make every day spa dayWe work hard like bees everyday and we deserve to have a break every once in a while. What’s more rewarding than to have a pampering sesh at your favourite spa, and indulge in the rich goodness of Pevonia’s organic skincare products? It’s okay to ask for a me-time (a form of self-preservation to keep you sane). It’s my ‘you can do it‘ prep treat, my ‘pat on the back for a job well done‘, my ‘good girl‘ present, and sometimes, my ‘it’s okay‘ consolation prize.

If you are the kind who constantly needs a break to keep going, you can definitely make every day a spa day. You will need the following:

1. A relaxing ambiance. Scented candles or aroma oil burner, your mix of spa tracks, dimly lit room. No dimmer? Create one! Punch holes on a coloured manila folder creating a polka pattern, roll it up and keep ends together with a magic tape. Use this to cover your bathroom light. (xoxo, DIY hippie =))

2. Beauty mix. What do you need to address today – dry and flaky facial skin, aching back, tired feet? Pevonia Bathing Pleasures Line has all the products you need to make each spa-at-home experience a grand one! (See the special promotion we have for you this month. Purchase any of the three body products and get a FREE travel size Anti-Stress Bath & Shower Gel.)

3. Spa accessories. Bath salt, wax, fresh towels, bath robe the silk ones make me feel like a royal), flower petals for my tub, bath tub caddy with book tray and drink holder (posh!), tub pillow – the works!

4. Healthy drink that you juiced or blended yourself.

5. Massage chair or comfy area where you can do the spa add ons or final touches (nail treatment with ELES ‘5 Free’ nail polishes = perfect even for kids).

Watch Liane’s pampering ritual with Pevonia >

Enjoy your Pevonia spa-at-home experience! Is there anything you would like to add to this list? Comment below.

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