Ask a Dermatologist – What is Rosacea?


Red in the face lately? If it’s more than just a rosy complexion or a slight flush, you might have rosacea, a chronic skin disorder resulting in distinct and constant redness. Since rosacea has no known cure, we wanted to find the best way to prevent flare-ups and treat the symptoms.

Dr. Christian Jurist, a certified dermatologist and medical director of global education for Pevonia, recently took time to answer all of our most pressing rosacea questions so you can calm to redness.

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a chronic and progressive, micro-circulation disorder visibly resulting in persistent redness, dilated capillaries, congestion, and last but not least, papules and pustules (breakouts!).

How do I know if I have rosacea?

Affected individuals will usually suffer from spells of flushing and blushing presenting skin redness and sometimes a burning sensation. Dilated capillaries under the skin are common as well.

What triggers rosacea?

Usually rosacea is triggered by extreme temperature changes, sun exposure, emotions and stress, hormonal changes, certain cosmetic products, spicy foods, ingestion of alcoholic beverages like wine, and also hot beverages such as coffee.

What should I avoid if you have rosacea?

Primarily, the triggers mentioned above should be avoided. Then, a proper, gentle and dedicated skin care regimen to control and treat the sensitivity of rosacea skin should be followed. It is recommended to visit a dermatologist as well for a professional point of view.

What treatments can be used for rosacea?

Gentle products intended to soothe, cool and calm sensitized skin are the main focus. Doctors mostly rely on antibiotics to control a certain population of micro-organisms that can worsen the condition. In addition, doctors will recommend sunscreen to reduce skin damage. Last but not least, concealing mineral makeup is recommended to cover and/or cancel out redness. Pevonia® offers the RS2 Rosacea range for home use and a Professional Treatment Mask administered at a qualified salon or spa.

Do treatments differ between mild and severe rosacea?

As Rosacea advances, the treatment must be adapted to address the current condition of the skin and affected areas. If Rosacea is not managed properly and is not under control or worsens, targeted medical treatment is required to control further damage beyond the skin. Rosacea products for home use can be used at any stages, but it is recommended to have periodic examination by a skin professional to learn if a modification of the recommended routine is necessary.

What ingredients should I look for in products to help remedy rosacea?

Green tea, licorice extract, chamomile extract, and French rose extract are very effective ingredients to control rosacea symptoms when used on a regular basis. In general, any ingredients that can reduce skin irritation and calm the skin are ideal.

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Calm, Soothe and Heal Rosacea with Pevonia’s RS2 Line

We recently posted a video in which Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon shared her rosacea story and we know it was a story a lot of you can relate to. While rosacea can affect anyone, it most commonly occurs in fair-skinned people in their 30s or 40s and it seems to becoming more common, affecting millions of people around the world.

Although the exact causes of rosacea remain unknown, there are some lifestyle factors that cause a flare ups. Rosacea sufferers should avoid:
– alcohol
– caffeine
– hot showers
– spicy foods
– excessive exercise
– stress
– harsh products

As well as these minor lifestyle changes, it is important for rosacea sufferers to use a skin care line that will target the problems associated with micro-circulation such as broken capillaries, persistent redness and congestion which may lead to rosacea or acne rosacea. In comes Pevonia’s RS2 line…

Craig Kraffert, MD Board certified dermatologist and graduate of the UCLA School of Medicine said of our line, “Pevonia’s RS2 line is a favorite and works well alone on skin with mild rosacea tendencies and is great for incorporating into a regimen with prescription products for the treatment of more challenging rosacea”

Sound like something you need? Read on for a full product break down…

RS2 Gentle Cleanser
Wonderfully gentle and creamy, this anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant cleanser combines Green Tea to effectively soothe and heal and French Rose and Frankincense to ease redness and leave a natural, fresh fragrance.
Although rich and creamy, the formula is hydrosoluble so leaves skin residue-free. Skin surfaces clean, soothed and decongested.
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RS2 Gentle Lotion
This hydrating and refreshing alcohol-free lotion is an important step to prepare the skin for further treatment. Licorice, Guarana, Green Tea and Chamomile gently combine to soothe and decongest, ease irritation and blotchiness, diffuse redness and provide hydration.
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RS2 Care Cream
The two main acclaimed ingredients; Green Tea and Licorice extract, ensure the cream provides empowering results. Blended together with other proven effective nurturing ingredients including French Rose, Chamomile and Frankincense they help heal, repair and diffuse redness and blotchiness in rosacea and sensitive skin.
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RS2 Concentrate
This powerful concentrate combines French Rose, Green Tea and Licorice, with other ingredients, to radically improve skin’s chronic blotchiness, redness, congestion and sensitivity.
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Cynthia Nixon Shares Her Rosacea Story

Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon conquered acne in her 20s and thought she had put her skin problems in the past. But when she hit her 40s her skin started flaring up again. She tells PEOPLE,  “I thought, ‘Oh here’s my acne back…” But after resuming an anti-acne routine, she found the condition did not disappear, in fact, it worsened and after a trip to the dermatologist, she discovered she had rosacea.

To combat the condition, Nixon started taking a prescription medication, then slowly weaned herself off of it and got her skincare routine under control. “With rosacea, you don’t want to throw a curveball at your face — you want to do things that are gentle, sensible and predictable,” she told PEOPLE. For more about her experience with rosacea, watch the video at the bottom of this post.
Nixon is not alone. Women and men all over the world suffer from rosacea and many aren’t even aware of exactly what it is that’s causing their skin to flare up. Luckily, there are many modern solutions to the problem including our RS2 line which ticks all of Nixon’s boxes – gentle, sensible and predictable.
Our range comprises of a cleanser, lotion, concentrate and cream all of which use the following key ingredients to calm and control the skin:
Green Tea – Healing, anti-irritant, anti-free radicals, anti-bacterial
French Rose Essential Oil – Calms redness, soothes irritation
Licorice – Decongesting, anti-allergenic, healing
Chamomile – Calming, de-stressing
Allantoin – Healing, desensitizing
We also have a handy Your Skincare Solution Rosacea Skin Kit available. It contains travel sizes of each of the cleanser, lotion and moisturiser.