PEVONIA BOTANICA wins PHYTO LINE OF THE YEAR at ASIA Spa Awards Ceremony in Hong Kong

Pevonia Botanica is proud to announce the news that we have been awarded Phyto Line of the Year for the “Stem Cells Phyto-Elite” Line at the most recent prestigious Asia Spa Awards.

Pevonia Botanica beat seven other finalists in the shortlist including Biossentials and John Masters Organics to win the award presented by Asia Spa magazine, Asia’s most recognised spa and wellness publication.

Rainer Scior, Managing Director of Pevonia Australia said, “This is another great achievement for Pevonia. We are very proud of the brand and all the recognition it deserves.”

Pevonia was also finalist in two other categories including, ‘Anti-Ageing Product Line of the Year’ and Men’s Product Line of the Year.

Celebrating the best in innovation, quality and service within the spa industry, a total of 24 categories were voted by 21 independent judges. Other categories included the best spas, resorts and treatments that set the benchmarks in Asia.

Hosted in Woobar at W Hong Kong, this year’s Asia Spa Awards was attended by over 400 industry professionals.

Pevonia Organic Skincare Australia wins Phyto Line of the Year 2017 Asia Spa Awards

Ronald Jean, Vice President International Business Development Pevonia International with other Asia Spa award winners

For close to three decades Pevonia has believed the most powerful ingredients in skincare comes from the safest source – nature.

As a global leader Pevonia is proud to deliver multi-award winning, natural skincare solutions clinically proven to restore, rejuvenate and revitalise all skin types.

Hollywood Skin Secrets (skincare routine of the stars)

Pevonia Botanica Australia Organic Skin Care skincare holloywood skin secrets

Who says it’s all in the genes?

Those who say they were born with great skin could be partly correct but nothing beats an impeccable skincare routine. We’ve curated Hollywood stars’ skin secrets. We’re pretty sure you’ve heard these tips before but we’d like to include our professional advice and recommendations:


Shelly Goodstein, a 48-year-old Ford model and the author of Face This, says she’s a big fan of sunscreen. In her book, she listed down beauty secrets she learned while being a model but on top of the list is keeping the base healthy and protected day and night.

This works: Sunscreen is absolutely the most effective anti-aging product available. UV light is the #1 cause of premature skin aging so it’s important that you prevent those harmful rays from damaging your skin round the clock. Include in your skincare routine products with action ingedients like retinol, vitamin C, peptides, and salicylic acid, and use a moisturiser, and sunscreen 365 days a year. We recommend the firming and intensely hydrating Stem Cells Phyto Elite range and sun protection Pevonia Hydrating Sunscreen SPF 30. If you get red, hot flashes, this works – Pevonia RS2 Rosacea rangeDo you suffer from facial redness? Meet the celebrities who do too!

Beauty Sleep

This is an old tip but very effective. Gwyneth Paltrow swears by this age old skincare secret and Jennifer Lopez does a full 8hr recommended sleep at night. Ashley Olsen has stressed that unless she gets a full night of sleep, it shows.

This works: At night, while your body rests and you are at sleep, your skin is regenerating new skin cells. Help your under eye area be on tip top shape and wrinkle-free by applying
Pevonia Evolutive Eye Cream just before you sleep. In the morning, let the Pevonia C Evolutive Eye Gel reduce puffiness and dark circles. Evening habits to incorporate in your skincare routine


Rihanna‘s secret to her flawless, cellulite free skin? Here it is, “I love swimming, [and doing] anything in the ocean…that’s very, very good for your body.” Sex and The City lead star Sara Jessica Parker says, “I do yoga whenever I can, and I do like feeling fit and healthy.”

This works: Sweat it all out! Frequent a Pevonia spa for a cellulite treatment to keep those nasty butt dimples at bay! At home, try this powerful duo – Pevonia Svelt Gel during the day and Pevonia Svelt Cream at night.


We’ll never get tired of telling you again and again, MOISTURISE! These TV and big screen actresses know their game:

“Probably the top three things would be: moisturize, sleep and work on the eyebrows. Those are the three things I try to focus on in my daily life!” – Emma Stone

“I moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. No matter how late it is, when I get home, I take the time to clean and moisturize my face. I’m a big believer in that if you focus on good skin care, you really won’t need a lot of makeup.” – Demi Moore

Eat healthy food

“I think the quality of your skin is genetic, but if you eat right and exercise, that helps keep the elasticity in your skin and that youthful, healthy glow.” – Halle Berry

This works: And yes, seductress Halle Berry’s secret is a combination of exercise and healthy food. The simplest and easiest way to effectively hydrate your skin cells, which keeps them moist and healthy-looking, is by using an alcohol-free toner and sealing that in with a skin serum that contains hyaluronic acid. We recommend Pevonia lotions and toners and Pevonia C Complexe booster.

What’s your favourite actress’ skincare/beauty tip?



Erase years from your face (the non-surgical way to turn back the clock)

Pevonia Botanica Australia Organic Skin Care skincare erase years off your faceCelebrities. HOW do they always look so….youthful. You’ve googled their age, found out their date of birth but surely it MUST be wrong because they 100% look years younger. This is the case with many a celebrity but they themselves swear they have never had plastic surgery. Really? Yes really! It is possible to erase years from your face by being vigilant with just a few simple steps. And you do not need the personal stylists, nutritionists and makeup artists, which celebrities are sometimes accustomed to!

  1. Healthy diet

We’ve heard it before and we’ll hear it time and time again but having a healthy diet rich in fresh veggies fruit and lean proteins WILL make a huge difference to your skin and energy levels. ‘Greens’ are rich in magnesium and vitamin C which means a diet of powerful immunity boosters! Also Vitamin C will keep skin from getting dry and developing wrinkles. Eggs help support our collagen that in turn prevents sagging skin while oily fish offers a great source of omega-3 fats – the ultimate anti-aging nutrient! Plus these healthy proteins are loaded with Vitamin D for healthy skin, hair, nails and bones.

  1. Exercise

This will keep you looking, but more importantly feeling younger. Exercise is the elixir of live after all. A daily workout of some sort (we know a visit to the gym every day is not possible for many) whether it be a run, a bike ride, cardio at the gym, a keep fit class, a brisk walk, yoga, whatever suits, will count! Not only will it keep you youthfully slim(mer) but when you exercise, the tiny arteries in your skin open up, allowing more blood to reach the skin’s surface delivering nutrients that repair damage. These nutrients also rev up the skin’s collagen production, preventing wrinkles. Exercise can also help reduce dark circles and cellulite!

  1. Skincare

Sun or age spots are, unfortunately, a natural part of aging but honestly wearing SPF daily will make a difference. We are talking even on a cloudy day! The sun’s UVA and UVB rays will always find their way to you. Protect your skin with a broad spectrum, natural sunscreen free of chemicals (which can also add to aging!) Try Hydrating Sunscreen SPF 30, rich in vitamins it provides full protection from UVA, UVB and infra-red rays, it prevents sunburn and counteracts sun damage all while hydrating, soothing and smoothing the skin!

Your eyes are one of the first things people notice about you and unfortunately one of the first things to show signs of aging. Invest in a multi-tasking eye gel! You know one that will reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while combatting those dull under eye bags and puffiness. Give the C” Evolutive Eye Gel a go, it’s a fan favourite and will do what it promises.

Skincare experts, dermatologists, celebrity makeup artists will all insist that moisture as well as key anti-aging ingredients be a top priority when it comes to slowing down aging. Invest in good skincare and ensure it’s the best product for YOUR skin. For mature skin with severe aging signs or for those who really want to avoid them try the new Stem Cells Phyto-Elite line. This revolutionary range uses a breakthrough in plant stem cell technology to stimulate the reversal of the skin’s aging cycle.

Follow these simple tips and reap the benefits!

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