The gift of beautiful skin this Mother’s Day

Oh my, Mother’s Day is only a few days away! How did that happen? I hear you saying. If you are anything like me you will have been thinking about Mother’s Day for weeks, yet all of a sudden it’s snuck up on you and you are left with little time to buy the special lady in your life something to show her your love and appreciation for all she does.

But what to buy is the question? You can’t go wrong with some beauty pampering I say. Especially for those hard to buy for mums! From indulgent facials, to beautiful body treatments to exquisite spa-at-home gift sets, at Pevonia we’ll have you armed with a pampering gift that’ll really show you care.

Radiant Skin gift set combines a Gentle Exfoliating Cleaner, Evolutive Eye Cream and Youth Renew Tinted Cream that work together to restore radiance and luminosity. Housed in a luxury travel bag, this multi-tasking trio is all that is needed for the “just had a facial glow”.

Why not treat mum to the ultimate spa-at-home collection with the Spa Body gift set. This luxurious gift set contains three spa favourites to soothe, soften and replenish the body. Silky Skin Body Scrub, followed by Preserve Body Moisturiser is the ideal afternoon treatment. A quick spray of Dry Oil Body Moisturiser will give your skin a moisture boost and radiant glow.

If you think your mum would love to be pampered at a Pevonia spa, head to the Find a Spa section on the Pevonia site and select and book in with a spa of your choice.

Gift the gift of beautiful skin…




Treat your Mum or yourself with a gorgeous collection of Pevonia “five-star greats” to leave skin radiant and luminous!

mothers day 057

It’s super light and creamy, full of polishing jojoba beads and lathers up with water. It exfoliates away dry and dull skin cells to leave your skin feeling clean, calm and sumptuously soft! With soothing ingredients like Chamomile, Calendula and Horse Chesnut it also smells delicious!
It’s power-packed with the latest cutting-edge anti-ageing ingredients and a Flash Action Microsphere that leaves your skin glowing and youthful. The clever tint adjust to the skin on contact creating a colour that’s perfect for every user and it makes your skin look like you’ve just returned from a holiday!
Because it’s a magnet for moisture and keeps the eye contours hydrated for the entire day. Loaded with proven anti-ageing actives such as Retinyl Palmitate, Hyaluronic and AHA’s this multi-tasker reduces fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles
and leaves the eye contour youthful and plumped.

Pevonia products are FREE of artificial colour, fragrance, parabens and petrochemicals

Available in spas now or visit

Evening habits to incorporate in your skincare routine

Pevonia Australia Organic Natural skincare skin care evening habits routineBeauty sleep is very important for your skin. Make sure your skin gets the most out of your night time rest by adding these to your usual evening routine.

Skip the wet wipes and cleanse your skin

Beauty products are evolving and we’ve read a lot about wet wipes aka beauty wipes winning the hearts of women everywhere. DO NOT ENGAGE. I repeat, do not engage, even if it comes in different scents. Water is still best for cleansing and there’s nothing more relaxing than the feeling of freshness after having a thorough hot and cold face wash in the evening before hitting bed. No residue, no sticky feeling!

Night time is for treats!

Sleep enables the body to reverse everyday free radical damage through cellular renewal. While we sleep our skin reduces Cortisol, the stress hormone responsible for discoloration and stretch marks, and increases Melatonin, the antioxidant that helps fight age spots, fine lines, and formation of other skin diseases. While we sleep is the best time to treat our skin to serums, oils and cream. Depending on your skincare type, pick your treat for the night and allow it to work with plenty of time. Our recommendations: serums and concentrates, face oils, creams and moisturisers

A bottle of lemon water by your bedside

Make sure you hydrate your body throughout the day and before going to bed. You sleep 6-8 hours and that means 6-8 hours of no water intake. If you wake up from time to time and feel thirsty, drink up. Water helps flush away toxins off your body and your kidneys will thank you for it.

Additional tips

  • As we grow older, production of Melatonin decreases too. Take melatonin herbal supplement to help you sleep, 30 minutes before you go to bed. Read: What happens to your skin when you turn 40?
  • We naturally lose moisture during the sleep process so opt for products that work fast and deep into our skin pre-sleep to lock in the moisture — on your face and body. Read: Miracle skin transformers
  • On a diet? Increase intracellular hydration by including water-rich fruits like apples, cucumbers and watermelon into your dinner plate. Read: Super foods for super skin


Moms need extra lovin’ this Mother’s Day!
Treat your friends or yourself to this indulgent gift set
that promises radiant skin and youthful glow.

Pevonia Australia Organic Natural skincare skin care mothers day radiance gift set

Hard Working Products for a Hard Working Mother

It is a notion shared by many; that mothers are in fact super women who nurture, protect and love their children. A vivid memory I have while growing up, or lack thereof, is how little my own Mum would fall sick! While the rest of the family would succumb to sniffles in winter or tummy bugs and headaches, my Mum would power on and take care of us all and manage not to get sick herself, and in fact, keep calm and carry on.

It is without a doubt Mum’s are hardworking (to say the least!). In celebration of Mother’s everywhere we have selected a handful of Pevonia’s hardworking products to treat your Mum this Mother’s Day.

Anti-Stress Bath & Shower Gel

Turn an otherwise regular bath or shower into an aromatic delight with this de-stressing wonder. Lather up and cleanse with natural ingredients lavender, hazel nut oil and chamomile to calm and relax the body and mind and impart hydration onto skin.

Bath & Shower Gel Anti-Stress

Silky Skin Body Scrub

A delightfully creamy body scrub the boughs away roughness on the body. While it will leaves skin smooth and supple, it also works to stimulate circulation in the body for a healthy glow. The beautiful scents of Rose Essential Oil and Chamomile blend together to be a delight for the sense too!

Silky Skin Body Scrub

Preserve Body Moisturiser

Essential oils, phyto-extracts (which are plant based extracts) and vitamins restore the skin’s essential lipids, leaving it soft and hydrated. The cold, dry air brought on by the cool months depletes the skin’s natural moisture levels so it’s important to rehydrate for healthy, soft skin. Not only does this hard working product repair and soften dry skin, it tones and improves the appearance of cellulite.

preserve body moisturizer

Mystique Escape Bath Salts

Let an immediate feeling of pure well-being and relaxation wash over you with a beautiful combination of aromatic bath salts enriched with no less than 73 minerals! Heavenly scented essential oils of grapefruit, mandarin and orange soothe and nurture skin while encouraging tranquillity and happiness for body and spirit.

Mystique Escape blath salts

Want to treat Mum with a little of everything? Look no further than the Spa-At-Home Mother’s Day Gift Set. A must have indulgence pack with all of the above to relax and unwind. These convenient travel sizes are also perfect to take the tranquil oasis away with her!

Spa-At-Home Mother's Day Gift Set 2014

Have a lovely weekend all and enjoy, however you choose to celebrate Mother’s Day!