Post-Summer Skin Tips

Pevonia Skin Tips

Throughout summer skin specialists and skin care companies emphasize the importance of wearing sun protection to help prevent skin cancer and delay the skin aging process, however post-summer skin care is also vitally important as your skin steps into repair mode.

You may have diligently applied sun protection all summer and taken every precaution to look after your skin.  Despite this your skin was exposed to damaging UV rays and you may be seeing the tell-tale signs; skin dullness, dehydration, dark pigment patches and breakouts to name a few.  

Here are some tips to take you into autumn with a healthier skin:


Warm weather causes the oils in our skin to emulsify and travel more easily to the top of our skin.  That’s why your skin often feels oilier in summer.  The oil acts like a glue to our skin cells, binding them together tightly and preventing them from naturally shedding from our skin to make way for new fresher skin cells.  The build-up of dead skin cells leads to other problems: it blocks the pores which can lead to breakouts, it creates a formidable barrier to moisture penetration and it makes the skin look dull and lackluster.  We need to exfoliate from head to toe!


It’s important to be gentle with post-summer skin as it tends to be more reactive.  We recommend the Enzymo-Spherides Peeling Cream.  Packed with enzymes of pineapple and papaya, this Pevonia favourite gently digests dead skin cells to reveal a fresher, more vibrant complexion.  Simply apply to clean skin, work it with warm wet fingertips to release the encapsulated enzymes, allow it to sit and do its magic then rinse away after 5 minutes.  It smells divine and leaves your skin with a lovely, luminous glow!


We love (and I mean seriously LOVE!) De-aging Tropical Saltmousse.  This wonder product leaves your skin feeling like you’ve just stepped out of the most beautiful tropical spa!  Enriched with exfoliating and tropical ingredients, you can choose either Mango and Passionfruit or Pineapple and Papaya, it sloughs away dulling skin cells and leaves the skin feeling so, so soft.  And as if that is not enough it also releases negative ions to counteract environmental skin damage.  Simply wet your skin in the shower, lather the scrub into your hands with water until you achieve an unctuous, rich foam then exfoliate until the grains begin to break down.  Then simply rinse away.


This is the area of the body that generally shows the most wear and tear after summer. Silky Foot Peel will help to break down stubborn callous while exfoliating dead skin cells and eliminating  dryness.   The exfoliating Salicylic Acid and Pumice powder help to peel away roughness and let you step out with smoother, silky-soft feet. Use it once or twice a week by applying a thin layer of Silky Foot Peel all over your feet and soles. Work it gently until it peels off and then rinse your feet. The fresh peppermint oil will leave your skin tingly and revitalised!


Drench your skin

Now that we’ve removed that stubborn skin barrier it’s time to drench your skin with moisture.  You may need to step up to a richer moisturizer formulations for autumn and incorporate a repairing Aromatherapy Face Oil in the evening.  If you work in air-conditioning,  a spritz every couple of hours with a moisture binding skin spray such as Phyto-Aromatic Mist will help to replenish lost moisture. For autumn we love the Collagen Power Repair Line. The marine collagen in this formulation attracts and binds water to your skin keeping it dewy and deeply hydrated, it also creates the perfect environment for fibroblast cells to weave new skin repairing proteins.

Fade it

If you have managed to get too much sun this summer you may have some deeper sun damage that reveals itself in dark, unsightly patches.  This is a build-up of the skin pigment melanin and the good news is that it is treatable.  We recommend a three step approach; exfoliation, fading and protection.  Using a weekly scrub will soften the discoloration, however, for faster results you may want to include an AHA formulation into your evening skin care program.  Glycocides Cream helps to break down the bonds between skin cells and encourages those darker skin cells to shed faster. When used in combination with Lightening Gel you’ll notice a gradual fading over just a few weeks. Don’t forget to keep up with your sun protection though!  Even autumn sunshine can cause damage to your skin.