Exfoliate Your Skin and Achieve a Radiant Glow

Exfoliate for a Radiant Glow

Summer is almost over and we have a few days to go until it’s officially autumn. The weather will be cooler and friendlier. If you’re a beach bum like most Aussies are, you seized every weekend strolling along the beaut seaside. Some have patches of sunburnt skin all over, and some just look like they had a very relaxing holiday! Want to know their secret? EXFOLIATE!

Pevonia - Exfoliate

Do you know how good exfoliation is for your skin? Rubbing it with granules help remove dead cells from the surface, revealing a softer, smoother, and youthful you. It is important that you know what exfoliant to use as there are plenty of products in the market that are too abrasive and do more harm than good. We’re proud to say that Pevonia exfoliants are gentle on the skin but do a great job in getting rid of the dead skin cells. Pick the right exfoliant for you:


Your skin needs a little help every once in a while. A regular cleanser cleanses your face but Pevonia’s Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser has exfoliating jojoba beads, saponaria and chamomile that wash away impurities and toxins. A true bonzer! The beads are finer than what you’ll usually find in regular exfoliants so it’s gentle but truly effective in refining texture and adding glow to your skin.

Pevonia - Exfoliate - Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser


It’s easier to clear the skin of acne with a cleanser that has powerful anti-bacterial properties. Clarigel Exfoliating Cleanser combines Soapwort, Triclosan, Grapefruit Oil, and Citric Acid to gently remove impurities. It helps control breakouts, brightens the skin tone, and refines your skin.

Pevonia - Exfoliate - Clarigel Exfoliating Cleanser


And for a more intense solution to dry, dull skin, the Enzymo Spherides Peeling Cream is a must-have! Experience the cutting-edge technology of this cream’s unique enzymes entrapment. The encapsulated Pineapple and Papaya enzymes eliminate impurities, blackheads, dead cells, sebum, and toxins as you work this cream into your skin. Using this once a week will help you gain a bright, smooth complexion with ABSOLUTELY ZERO DOWNTIME.Pevonia - Exfoliate - Enzymo Spherides Peeling Cream

Regular exfoliation with one of Pevonia’s refining exfoliants promotes a brighter, satiny texture. Get rid of unwanted impurities and dead cells, and prevent follicular clogging and surface accumulations. Your skin becomes luminous and revived.


Help the men in your life refine their skincare choices

Pevonia Botanica Australia Organic Skin Care skincare Australia Men with great skin are hotMen are into gadgets and cars and they’d spend more hours scanning hardware shelves to score new tools than shop for skincare products. Women do the grocery shopping most of the time and when it comes to skin care, if you leave the men to do it, they’d probably pick a product they know from eighth grade. Geez.

This September, help the men in your life refine their choices with Pevonia Organic Skincare. When a man reaches his 30s, he becomes more concerned about his age so starting a basic anti-aging skincare routine is step one to achieving younger looking skin.


  • Men’s skin has thicker epithelium or outer layer so it’s important to use skincare products especially made for men to address their needs.
  • Go for regular facial treatment at the spa. Facial treatment for men is different from regular facial because men’s skin needs more hydration and it needs a powerhouse combo of repair actives. Because men’s skin is thicker, it needs products with tremendous ability to penetrate and bond moisture to skin.
    Perfect Father’s Day Gift: Pevonia’s Skin Fit Treatment for Men
  • Sunscreen is a must. No excuses. In a study done by Skin Cancer Foundation, men are more prone to Melanoma than women. Excessive exposure to the harmful sun rays burns men’s skin and that is because men tend to take for granted proper skin protection than women.
  • Exfoliate. And we mean men should exfoliate more often than women.
  • After-shave balm isn’t a substitute for moisturiser. Aftershave only shrinks the damaged pores so you need a moisturiser to hydrate your skin.
  • Have a nutritious diet. Remember, it shows on your skin when you eat healthy food so when you don’t, the dullness becomes even more visible. Tip: the more colourful your plate is, the better. Fruits and veggies are life changing!
    Check out our list of Super Food for Super Skin

Start with these four powerful products to rejuvenate and hydrate skin to recover from years of walking under the sun, unprotected:

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Get the Pevonia Skin Fitness for HIM gift pack for a special price:

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Goodbye Cellulite!

Confession of a 20-something…

I’m not sure when it started. I wasn’t aware how I got cellulite because I was so busy being an awesome twenty-something. Now that I’m about to welcome age 30, I’d like to stay true to myself and be more responsible. I recently did a physical checkup (with myself) and realised that my body changed a lot during all those years I spent sleeping late (which basically meant before sunrise), pulling all-nighters at work, indulging a little too much on alcoholic drinks, trading gym sessions for sleep, and taking for granted “basic” skincare routine for more sleep.

I gasped after seeing the cellulite that built up on my thighs. For a while, I was exasperated but there’s no one else to blame but me and my youthful irresponsibility.

So here’s what I did…

I know that there’s nothing Pevonia couldn’t fix. Eversince I discovered how organic skincare works, I opted to keep using only natural and organic products on my skin. Whenever I have a skincare concern, I’d always go to Pevonia Australia website and search for a product line that would resolve my skin condition or drop a line or two at the “Need Help” section at the bottom right if I have other questions.

I typed “cellulite” on the search box and the result displayed three products that promise to reduce appearance of cellulite. I’ve been using all three for four weeks now and I must say these products are gems! This skincare routine coupled with regular cardio is slowly improving my skin so I’m sure in a couple of weeks, my cellulite will become invisible. 🙂

Pevonia Botanica Australia Organic Skin Care skincare Seaweed Green Coffee Svelt Gel Cream Soap for Cellulite

All three have properties that help eliminate toxins and prevent water stagnation on skin’s surface. Here they are, the Super 3 I’ve been telling my friends about:

To know the products’ benefits and instructions on how to use, click the links above.

Life begins at 30

Most women of my age feel as if we’re entering the old phase. I say, I feel younger than ever, only wiser and more responsible. Although physical appearance is just one of the many standards of what’s beautiful, for me it helps empower us and make us feel happy about ourselves. So yes, I promise to never skip my skincare routine again, ever.

Goodbye cellulite!
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Pevonia Botanica Organic Skincare Australia skin care Good Health magazine exfoliate soap

Does your skin need a revamp? Emerge like brand new!
The Pevonia Seaweed Exfoliating Cleansing Soap is your go-to exfoliating soap bar. It’s currently featured in Good Health Magazine’s beauty article “Soap Opera”.