What happens to your skin when you turn 40

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Keep yourself together. Literally.

That’s exactly what collagen does. It’s that protein substance that holds our body together, giving our skin the strength and elasticity, and aids in fast production of new skin cells. At age 40, collagen production begins to decline and if you aren’t really very particular with your health and lifestyle, it may come early.

Imagine that you are creating a paper maché. You need enough glue to keep your art together, right? And what happens if you don’t have enough glue? Sure, you can keep the paper together but the surface won’t be smooth and will be crumpled. Same is true with our skin. Without enough collagen, our skin start to sag, crease and wrinkle.

What affects the slow production of collagen in our body?
Excessive exposure to sunlight. Smoking. High Sugar Consumption.
So unless you have plenty of money to spend on collagen IV, avoid these three.

How can we restore the lost moisture and at least slow down our skin’s aging process?
Refrain from getting exposed to UV rays unprotected. Exercise. Follow a good skincare routine. Eat nutritious food and drink water. What types of food exactly? Foods rich in Amino Acids (fish, poultry), Proline (egg whites, cheese, cabbage, meat, soy), Anthocyanidins (berries, cherries), Vitamin A (dark leafy greens, cantaloupe, squash), Vitamin C (oranges, pepper, broccoli), and Copper (shellfish, nuts, red meat).

Do all skincare products that promise the benefits of collagen deliver the results?
Unfortunately, no. Be careful of the products your purchase. Homemade topical solutions do not make the cut because collagen is too dense to be absorbed by the skin. Pevonia moisturisers are made through a technology called tri-phase homogenisation where the collagen is reduced and mixed into the moisturiser so that it blends in and gets absorbed by the skin easily. The process is done and supervised by our professional skincare engineers.

Making a paper maché with no enough glue is daunting and you won’t be satisfied with the results. Wishing for youthful skin with poor collagen production, well, that remains a wish.

Check out the Pevonia Power Repair Line abundant in collagen, elastin and DNA that help rejuvenate and restore skin.


Aside from products with collagen, you can also use skincare with Retinol (Vitamin A). Retinol renews, repairs and brightens the skin. Pevonia’s Spa Clinica Pro Micro-Retinol Essential Serum is currently featured in Prevention Magazine, Australia’s leading magazine for women 40+.

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Where did the time go?

You wake up one day, look at the mirror, and an old face greets you a good morning! Don’t get me wrong – wisdom comes with age and experience and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Wouldn’t you feel better if people mistake you for someone younger than your actual age? Anybody would be thrilled to receive such compliment!

Facial aging:

1. Spider veins – blood vessels that look like spider web crawling on your skin’s surface

2. Photoaged skin – dead and irregular epidermis (outer layer of the skin) caused by heavy exposure to sun

3. Crows feet – lines at the corner of the eyes developed after many years of squinting, laughing, and smiling

4. Facial lines – caused by frowning or holding up drooping eyelids or eyebrows

Reverse the facial aging process!

Yes, you can’t stop time but you can definitely follow a skincare routine that helps you slow down aging! We’re sure you’ve read so many articles about keeping your skin young and we’re going to tell you again:

1. Clean your face before going to bed, leaving absolutely no trace of makeup or any other chemical on. There is no valid excuse for this.

2. Drink plenty of water. It helps hydrate your skin.

3. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to provide the nutrients that your skin needs.

4. Strictly follow a skincare routine. (There is no shortcut to good health, only hard work). You might want to try the following moisturisers from the Pevonia Power Repair Line. These are rich in collagen, elastin and D.N.A. to rejuvenate, nourish, hydrate and restore matured skin.

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