Post-workout Skincare from Head to Toe

If you’re a bit of a gym bunny you’re doing your body a huge favour. Sweat sessions are about a lot more than just weight-loss, they’re about alleviating stress, keeping your heart healthy, getting rid of toxins and general health maintenance.
Perhaps the only downside to your gym routine is that it can wreck havoc on your skin. With other gym-goers grubby, sweaty hands all over gym machines, they tend to be riddled with dirt and bacteria. But you certainly don’t have to stop going to the gym altogether to keep your skin clean and clear, just follow our Rules of Gym Engagement to ensure your workout doesn’t lead to a breakout.

1. Always Use a Clean Gym Towel
Are you guilty of using the same gym towel for a week or more at a time without washing it? Stop! Any dirt and bacteria that you’re sweating out is going onto that gym towel so using it again is just putting the dirt straight back on your face. Invest in a few gym towels and use them no more than twice in a row.

2. Clean the Machine
Those spray guns and paper towels aren’t placed around the gym for nothing. Wipe down machines before and after use to ensure you’re not picking up dirt and bacteria from other people.

3.  Don’t Touch Your Face
Try to keep your hands off your face to prevent transferring bacteria from workout machines onto your face. Easy.

4. Be Travel Size Wise
Those travel-size skincare packs aren’t just for holidays, they’re perfect to keep in your gym bag for a quick post-workout cleanse. Cleansing after a workout is a fantastic idea not only because you’ll wash off any dirt, oil and sweat but your pores are likely to be open, meaning the product can work deeper in the skin.
We have travel-size kits for every skin type meaning you can complete your three-step routine in the bathroom of your gym without having to carry your products everywhere you go! Plus they’re housed in a convenient cosmetics case so you only have to remember one thing. Check out the full range here:

5. Body Basics
Areas like your bust and back can experience breakouts just like our face so it is important to cleanse your body thoroughly after a workout. Our Anti Stress Bath and Shower Gel will help cleanse and hydrate the skin while scents like lavender and chamomile soothe and settle the mind. This one is particularly good if you need to wind down after an evening gym session.

6. Replenish and Rehydrate
Sweat helps remove toxins from the body but it also means you’re losing moisture. Make sure to drink plenty of water if you’re working out regularly and moisturize both your face and body.
If you’ve got your travel-size products handy, you can moisturise your face right after you cleanse and tone at the gym. If not, make sure to so as soon as you are able to.
After you’ve showered, try out Dry Oil Body Moisturiser for skin that’s cashmere-soft. If you prefer a more traditional moisturiser, try our Preserve Body Moisturiser or for serious de-ageing results, try the Mango-Passionfruit Body Balm.

7. Hand Helpers
Wash your hands after every workout. If you’re obeying our rules of gym engagement, you’ll be at the sink washing your face anyway so be sure to wash your hands first.
If you’re using weights a lot, you may find yourself with dry skin on your hands or even calluses. Prevent this by using a hand cream regularly. It may also be worth investing in some gloves. We love these ones from Nike and they’re only $19.99!

8. Feet Treat
Treat your tired feet to a soak in epsom salts, a massage, a good scrub and some moisturiser. Our Tension Relief Foot Gel is ideal for fatigued feet. It’s a must-have for any runner!

Cheats guide…
– If you’re not keen to be washing that many towels, most gyms have a system where they lend you a towel for a few dollars so take advantage of it!
– Forgot your cleanser? At the very least rinse your face with cold water right after a workout to close the pores
– When scrubbing your feet feels too much of a chore, try our Callous Free Dry Oil. It contains Salicylic Acid and Lavender Oil to soften and smooth.


Travelling Beauty; Packing the right cosmetics

travel beautiful trip
In the last decade I have travelled a lot. While watching George Clooney’s film “Up in the Air” I could associate with his pedantic packing, slip on shoes to aid a quick security check point getaway and strong desire to earn as many frequent flyer points as humanly possible. But I can assure you I wasn’t always a savvy traveller and I still battle with packing when it comes to going on a holiday. Unlike a business trip where you can plan your outfits according to a plan, a holiday can present any eventuality and begs so many questions; “What will the weather be like?” “Will I need to take formal?” “How many books should I take?”…the list goes on.

packing a suitcaseBy the time I’ve culled back the selection and realise there is not nearly enough space for all my vital grooming aids the case is full to bursting and I realise I have just packed most of my bedroom. And after all this I find I only wear half the contents and inevitably forget vital items such as tweezers and nail clippers. How to get it right!!

We want to look our best when we are away, whether it’s for business or pleasure and somehow every time I travel I get an almighty urge to purchase new cosmetics to try on the trip. BIG MISTAKE! One time I had a nasty allergic reaction from a new foundation I’d saved for my travels and coupled with the fact that the water, temperature and diet will be different away from home, new products are not a great idea. The sudden change to your skin care routine can be all too much.

So my first bit of advice when travelling is:
STICK TO YOUR FAVOURITE TRIED AND TESTED PRODUCTS, you’ll only miss them if you leave them home and your skin will appreciate the familiar routine.

So what to take? Let’s start with the flight.

Isn’t it amazing just how grubby you can feel after sitting sedentary in a chair for hours on end? The intense air con, stale air and your own lack of circulation are the main culprits and how do the Cabin Attendants always manage to look so polished and glam???

PanAm Flight Girls

Don’t despair! there are a few things you can do to help arrive fresh and looking vaguely human at the other end.

Before you leave…
Leave your shower until the last minute and give your skin a good exfoliation (face and body) apply plenty of moisturiser and wear minimal makeup. Wash your hair and only condition the ends and if long, I recommend leaving it a little damp and wearing in a high loose bun. I like to wear my hair like this because it becomes a little oily after 12 hours and looks lank by the end of the flight, a quick spray on the roots with a dry shampoo (KLORANE with added Oat Milk is my preferred choice, it’s nice and fresh and you can pick this up at PRICELINE in a 50ml bottle) and a quick brush and your hair will have added body from drying in the “up-do”.

I like to take minimal products in my “carry on” bag. If you are like me you feel guilty for spending too much time in the loo and performing a long out-dated ritual in that tiny space is a challenge. So I take two cotton pads soaked in Eye Makeup Remover and two in Toner and place these in tiny plastic sealable bags. With those I take the Pevonia Spa Travel Essentials Kit which has an exfoliating cleanser, hydrating mist and care cream and lip balm all in the legal travel sizes. All of these go into a clear plastic Ziploc bag with toothbrush and paste, breath mints, soothing eye drops and a bottle of Aromatherapy Face Oil Doucer. This is my secret to getting off a plane with glowing skin!

Pevonia Skin Care Ligne Lavandou
Once on the flight remove all your makeup, yes all of it! You can use a concealer if you find the idea truly horrific and lash tint a few days before might help. Massage onto clean dry skin freshly toned a few drops of the aromatherapy oil, massage it well into your face, neck and hands. The essential oils will help to prevent moisture loss while balancing the oil flow, this one has soothing oils that keep skin calm and balanced.

During the flight spray your Hydrating Mist regularly, you can even spray this into your hair to keep it soft and hydrated. Drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol and coffee and get as much rest as you can. Take a walk every couple of hours and do the recommended leg exercises to help avoid DVT.

Just prior to landing use your dry shampoo and style your hair, cleanse and tone your skin and apply your care cream and lip balm and a quick dash of concealer, eyeliner and mascara and you’ll feel refreshed and revived.

Packing for your trip

I love travel packs for holidays, it seem mad to take full size products when you can take a month’s supply in a convenient mini size, however not all your products come in travel sizes so dispensing them into clear mini bottles with labels is the next best thing.

Pevonia Botanica Spa Travel Essentials kit
A few tips…
Multi-tasking products are great for travel and save valuable time and space. Choose products that have dual or multiple purposes such as the following:

This not only cleanses away makeup and the days grime it also exfoliates dry, dead cells that dull your skin leaving it vibrant and glowing. I love this one because a tiny bit goes such a long way so I can use it on dry body areas such as elbows, ankles and even feet.

This is one of the most sublime body moisturisers and has an addictive and intoxicating scent. Spray it on wet skin after your shower to keep your skin soft and supple. It doubles as a great foot spray, softening callouses and gives your nail enamel a wonderful shine. A quick spray on hair gives it a lovely sheen and helps prevent “flyaways”

I never travel without this, not only does it provide potent anti-oxidant protection, a must if you are visiting warm climates but it keeps the eye and lip contours smooth and plumps fine lines. This means you can leave your eye, lip and night cream at home.

Obviously wonderful to soothe and repair sunburnt skin but also doubles as a great hydrating mask, the cooling water lily and green tea help to diffuse any redness and leave skin moist and soft.


  • Unless you want to take your entire arsenal of nail products opt for polish free and ask your therapist to buff your nails to a fabulous shine, then all you’ll need is a nail file. If you do want to wear polish why not have a longer lasting, professional Shellac polish done at the spa or use a lighter shade that won’t be as obvious if it chips or fades.
  • Hanging cosmetic bags are super convenient if you are moving from hotel to hotel. You just hang your products in the bathroom and don’t need to unpack and repack each time you move.
  • Unless you are going away for months a good wax just before you leave can ensure you won’t need razors or tweezers.
  • If you are tempted to take electrical accessories such as hair dryers, GHD’s etc., check to ensure the electrical supply is compatible and won’t ruin your much loved appliance.

If you travel frequently then it’s probably worth dedicating a drawer at home for all your travel items and doubling up with essentials such as deodorant and toothpaste, that way you won’t forget things and can focus on other things, like having a great time!