Super Foods for Super Skin

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Is your skin feeling lacklustre or you simply want to reboot it and up that healthy glow? Try introducing one of the below into your diet to rejuvenate skin from the inside out.


Cold water fish are an excellent source of protein and essential fats such as omega-3s, which when consumed have anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. Tuna is also known to promote elastin, to keep skin smooth, and supple.

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To promote elasticity in skin look to the Age Correction Firming Marine Elastin Cream. This wonder product improves suppleness and elasticity in skin while revitalising, protecting and hydrating skin.


Green Tea

The polyphenols in green tea contain both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and can prevent against environmental damage. On those cooler afternoons, be sure to reach for a hot cup of Green Tea to warm up and boost skin!


Berries and kiwi and orange, oh my!

Strawberries are one of the most popular berry fruits in the world and contain high quantities of Vitamin C and K. Both Oranges and Kiwi Fruits are also an excellent source of Vitamin C which is a super antioxidant. Vitamin C is required for a strong immune system and radiant skin and help produce collagen to strengthen skin. To maximise the benefits of these super antioxidant delights, eat the fruit fresh.

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To add a dose of Vitamin C to your skin care reach for the “C” Complexe. A beautiful serum for a radiant complexion! Vitamin C works to brighten skin and restore a youthful appearance in skin.


Almonds and Avocados

The Vitamin E found in almonds and avocados supports healthy skin growth and protects skin from cell damage that occurs in the aging process.


For those with combination skin (oily, yet dehydrated) your daily dose of Vitamin E to the skin is found in the Combination Skin Cleanser. A light textured, water soluble cleanser that controls an oily “T zone”, while deeply cleansing skin without stripping hydration.


Lean Red Meat

Zinc rich foods include lean red, poultry and fish. Zinc plays a role in the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands in skin, which produce oil, and helps to repair skin damage.


Bottoms Up!

And of course the cardinal rule of good health and well-being, drink plenty of water! Skin needs moisture to stay flexible. Mild dehydration can often be felt and seen in dry, parched and cracking lips but your skin too will start to look dry, tired and slightly grey if it’s not receiving enough hydration.

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by: Kanya

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