Six Common Skin Care Mistakes

When it comes to skin care, there are some little mistakes that are just all too common. The problem with these smaller mistakes is that they are the less-obvious culprits when it comes to problems like breakouts, sensitivity, dryness and dullness so we don’t immediately think of them and eradicate them.
Read through these and see if you’re making any of the most common skin care mistakes. If you are, change your habits and watch your skin improve!

1. Over Cleansing
Cleansing too often can cause the skin to try out leaving the sebaceous glands to overproduce, so you end up with skin that’s both dehydrated and superficially oily, leaving it prone to breakouts. Cleansing twice a day with a cleanser that suits your skin type is enough to keep your skin healthy.

2. Jumping Straight to Power Products
At Pevonia, we recommend ALL customers start on our essential range products. We have complete lines for Sensitive, Oily, Dry and Combination skin. After three months on the essential range, the skin will be ready for a more active range and customers can switch or simply incorporate some of the more active products into their routine.
Often in skin care people are looking for a quick fix so they want to jump straight in the deep end but the real results come from a more gentle, long term approach.

3. Exfoliating Too Often
People with dry skin often want to exfoliate every day, thinking it will help slough away flakes and dead skin cells but too much exfoliation can, in fact, leave the skin ever dryer, leaving it to look dull and lifeless. Exfoliate twice to three times a week with a gentle exfoliator for best results.

4. Switching Skincare Too Often
Your epidermis is very delicate and changing products as often as you change your sheets can throw off your skin’s pH levels. Stick with a product line for at least three months to start seeing real results and introduce new products gradually. Similarly, skin care brands generally create their products to work together so you will often find your best results when you use a complete range.

5. Forgetting SPF
Living in Australia, we just can’t stress this point enough. Sun damage ages your skin like nothing else and you will grow to regret it if you neglect your SPF. We completely understand that sometimes sunscreens feel too harsh and oily on the face but our Hydrating Sunscreen is enriched with vitamins that protect and nourish.

6. Neglecting Cream
Often women who suffer from oily skin think they don’t need moisturiser. Wrong! Moisture from oil is different from the moisture we get from creams and, just like if you over-cleanse, if you neglect your cream your skin will react to being dried out by creating more oil! If you’ve got oily skin, try our Mattifying Oily Skin Care Cream. It is light, non-greasy and helps to control oiliness while hydrating.

Tell us, which of these skin care sins are you guilty of?!

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2 thoughts on “Six Common Skin Care Mistakes

  1. Ive changed brands so many times, because in the end, something just won’t work for my skin! Right now, the GA mens line is working, however dont know how long it will talk before i need a new line!