Shaving Tips for Men

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Gentlemen, are you shaving it right?

Shaving could be a daunting task for men too, and it is kind of equivalent to women plucking or shaving their eyebrows every other morning. Why do men shave? One, to look clean. Two, to feel clean. Turn this obligation into a satisfying spa-like indulgence with these tips:

1. Pre-Shave: Take a hot shower.

The steam relaxes and softens the skin, and opens the pores. This lets the razor smoothly glide onto your skin. Some men cleanse their face in the shower and that’s fine. Take enough amount of the cleanser and work it in with your fingertips. Try Pevonia Aqua Gel Foaming Cleanser  

2. Shave time: Use a sharp blade

Never ever use a dull blade if you do not want ending up bloody wounded! Straight edge, safety razor or disposable, it is important that you’re using a sharp one, don’t compromise. Change blades as soon as they start to drag. Most disposable shaving blades last for a week or less.

3. Shave time: Use high quality shaving cream

Opt for a high quality shaving cream made with all natural ingredients. Using chemically laden products dry up and age your skin fast while high quality, natural/organic shaving creams nourish your skin and are free from parabens or silicone. It slides smooth and glides easily. Make short precise strokes to have better control of the pressure you place on your razor, limiting nicks, cuts and irritation. Try Pevonia Easy Glide Shaving Emulsion

4. Shave time: First, shave with the grain, across the grain and against the grain

Run your razor in the direction of your hair growth to remove the bulk of hair. Wipe your face clean, reapply shaving cream, then clean your razor. Shave across the grain to clean up. Shave against the grain, one for the road.

5. Post shave: Rinse with cold water

We’re not in a shaving cream TV ad where the scene cuts away with the man and his woman ready to have some intimate time. In real life, the next thing to do is remove any remaining shaving cream by splashing your face is cold water. Cold water closes your pores and tightens your skin.

6. Post shave: Moisturise

Apply an after shave balm to help soothe and desensitise your skin. The areas you nicked will be relieved because the cooling effect. This will also act as moisturiser which is an important part of the shaving routine. Try Pevonia Soothing After Shave Balm

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Is there anything we missed? Tell us about your Shaving Secrets!

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