How to Heal Dry, Chapped Lips

Let’s face it, chapped lips have never been sexy and, unfortunately, winter is the season for them. We’ve heard more than a few people complaining about how dry their lips are right now so we thought we’d offer some advice on how to solve this particularly annoying first world problem.

Follow these eight quick tips to kissable lips this winter…

1. Hydrate
Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean your body doesn’t need hydration! Make sure you’re drinking enough water because dry lips are a sign that the skin cells in your lips are not retaining enough water. If you’re in a heated office, you may actually need more water than you would normally drink in Summer because the heating sucks the moisture from the air.

2. Humidify
If the problem is serious, you might want to invest in a humidifier for your bedroom. Lips, hair, skin and nails thrive on humidified air.

3. Rest and Restore
Our bodies repair and restore themselves while we sleep and we can speed the process along with natural products. Try using our Youthful Lip Concentrate right before bed. It will help put the moisture back in your lips and counteract wrinkles.
Double up with a cream to ensure your lips are getting the TLC they deserve. Our Youthful Lip Cream contains Shea Butter, Bois Oil and Retinol as well as Collagen and Elastin. It’s a powerhouse product for smooth lips.

4. Stop Licking!
STOP licking your lips! It may be two seconds of relief now but you’ll be a lot worse off in the long run. This only encourages the dryness and cracking.

5. Be Sun Safe
Yes, even in winter you need protection from the sun and your lips are no exception. Make sure you’re using a lip balm with SPF protection to stop your lips from drying out.

6. Scrub Up
Invest in a soft toothbrush and gently scrub your lips in circular motions to help exfoliate and increase circulation to encourage the growth of new skin cells.

7. Remove for Repair
Make sure all traces of lipstick and lip liner are completely removed each evening before you apply concentrate and cream.

8. Switch Lip Balm
Forget about lip balms that are based on petroleum jelly and look for a Mineral Balm that is enriched with Vitamins A & E. We love ELES Mineral Makeup’s Super Balm. It is vitamin enriched and has sun protection plus a sheer wash of colour. Perfect.

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