Does the word “peel” scare you?

Pevonia Australia Micro Retinol Peel Organic Skincare SPA Clinica Pro Does the word “peel” scare you? Does hearing it make you fret like it’s going to devour every inch of your face in a minute and make you look like a red tomato? That feeling is normal and I do understand why because after a peel using retinol skin care some years back, I felt horrible too. Until…

Pevonia’s SPA Clinica Pro Micro-Retinol came. Everyone in the office went gaga over it and the range became an instant favourite, being dubbed as the best retinol product range to date! Everyone, including the press, our partner spas and salons, and those who have immediately bought online, have expressed their satisfaction and after thinking about it for a long time, I bravely said, “I have to try it!” After weeks of using this new range, I was satisfied with the end result. Here’s what you can expect from this range:

Like other skincare with retinol, the Pevonia SPA Clinica Micro-Retinol is:

✓ Smoothing
✓ Firming
✓ Brightening
✓ Anti-aging

How different is this range from its predecessor?

✓ same results minus the obvious flaking, itchiness, redness and burning sensation (whew!)
✓ unlike the regular retinol that is photo sensitive, micro-retinol is safe to use daily, morning and evening (Remember to apply Pevonia Hydrating Sunscreen SPF 30 in the morning. We also highly recommend this 5-in-1 ELES Age-Defying BB Cream with SPF 30)
✓ safe for pregnant women (it won’t harm your baby)
✓ may be used to treat stretch mark post pregnancy

Pevonia Australia Micro Retinol Peel Organic Skincare SPA Clinica Pro

Before Pevonia’s SPA Clinica Pro Micro-Retinol, I never wanted to have retinol treatments because of that one unforgettable experience when I had to go to work with dry skin shedding off my face, like a sloughing snake. The ads never told me anything about the ugly part of the process. The models said retinol products are the secret to having clear, brightened face but I wasn’t informed that I had to undergo such long downtime, not to mention the itchiness and burning sensation I felt. The end result was great though but I swore to myself I will never try to “peel” again.

Pevonia introduced me to the world of organic skin care and my eyes glimmered in excitement, wanting to try them all (you know, the shop till you drop kind of thing!). I am happy with my essential skincare routine and this new micro-retinol range just makes this brand so hard to beat!

If you don’t have this range yet, I am telling you… You have to try this!
Zero Downtime. Zero Sting! I’m amazed!

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