Do you suffer from Facial Redness? Meet the celebrities who do too

I am not alone, I am not alone. This is a mantra that 40 million people worldwide suffering from facial redness and rosacea need to chant on a daily basis.

Let’s face it, everyone goes red from time to time. Whether it’s from pure embarrassment or exerting yourself from exercising it will happen, but if you find that you look red in the face constantly then you suffer from hypersensitivity and might well have rosacea. Facial redness is actually one of the most common visible signs of photo-aging and believe it or not a symptom that many A-list celebrities also suffer from!

Cameron Diaz, Renee Zellweger, Mariah Carey and Cynthia Nixon are all sufferers of rosacea.

Pevonia Botanica Australia Organic Skin Care skincare celebrities with rosaceaRosacea specifically is a type of skin inflammation that affects the face. Symptoms include facial redness, flushing, visible blood vessels and non-tender pustules. If this sounds like your skin, fear not! It can be reduced and in some cases totally controlled with the constant use of effective skincare.

Queue Pevonia’s RS2 line, an international best-seller! The range consists of 4 products that’ll really make a difference to your skin and wellbeing.

Pevonia Australia RS2 skincare line April 2015 rosacea awareness monthDon’t let us tell you how great the range is though; find out from some of our customers;

“My rosacea has been in remission ever since I started using the RS2 range. I wouldn’t use anything else on my face!” R. Morgan 

I’ve finally found a range that is good for my very sensitive, rosacea skin. It cools and calms my skin, my pores have shrunk and my skin is less blotchy after only 2 weeks of using all the products. Highly recommend the line.” Diana R

“I have been using the Pevonia RS2 Line for 5 years now to care for my Rosacea skin condition. Every one compliments me on my beautiful skin now! No more capillary issues, reduced redness. Couldn’t live without it!” Debbie W

“I love the RS2 Cleanser. Very gentle and keeps my rosacea very controlled.” Sarah M

“I love the RS2 Lotion. It is so soothing. My rosacea looks so much better since using this.

Highly recommended.” Miranda G

I have been using the RS2 Lotion for one year now and can say that my rosacea is in remission, it’s better than ever before. Sarah G

“The RS2 Concentrate is the only product I have found that calms my skin and has made a real difference.” Laurie B

“Rosacea runs in my family and the RS2 Concentrate is the only one I have found that actually soothes and calms my skin. After using it regularly I also noticed that it improved the texture of my skin.” Rebecca B”

“I can honestly say that the RS2 Care Cream is the only rosacea product I love and trust. It comforts and soothes my skin, reducing redness.” Michelle W

“After spending a lot of money on different products which didn’t work, I found the RS2 Care Cream to be the best that I have tried for my sensitive, rosacea skin. It’s gentle, and soothing while still moisturising my mature skin.” Johanna R

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