Refresh and De-stress on your Next Long Haul Flight

A plane might not be the most glamorous of settings but a long-haul flight can provide the perfect opportunity for some pampering. Ignore the cramped leg space and packaged food. Look absolutely radiant the moment you step off the plane with airline approved flight essentials from Pevonia.

While onboard…

Cleanse with Sensitive Skin Cleanser and experience the calming and desensitizing benefits of chamomile and calendula, guaranteed to diffuse redness and irritation your skin gets when stressed.

Hydrate by giving your skin the moisture it needs — Age Defying Marine Collagen Cream for your face and Preserve Body Moisturizer for your body. Don’t forget to care for your eye area and apply C Evolutive Eye Gel to keep you looking young and fresh.

Sleep. Take plenty. Spare yourself from the stress you could get when turbulence strikes whilst you’re thousands of feet from the ground.

Refresh. Dry, irritated skin? Spritz on some Phyto-Aromatic Mist for immediate hydration. Protect your skin from harmful sun rays by applying Hydrating Sunscreen with SPF 30.

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with every pack of Pevonia Flight Essentials.

Pevonia Botanica Australia Organic Skin Care skincare flight essentials

Pevonia Botanica Australia Organic Skin Care skincare flight essentials anti free radical facial

Pevonia Botanica Australia launches Countdown to Christmas competition with 25 giveaways!

Pevonia Botanica, one of the world’s most prestigious luxury spa and natural skincare brands has launched an exciting new competition to celebrate the Christmas season in style!

Pevonia Christmas Giveaway 2014Christmas is all about spoiling loved ones and Pevonia wanted to show their love and appreciation to all their loyal die-hard fans by rewarding them with a shower of gifts.

Each day thousands of fans will be invited to open Pevonia’s advent calendar, reveal the daily prize and share in the chance to win! From the 1st to 24th December a fan a day will receive the daily pampering prize and on Christmas day one lucky fan will win the grand prize – $500 worth of Pevonia retails products of their choosing.

Entrants must visit the Pevonia Botanica Australia Facebook page and click on the Pevonia Christmas 2014 competition tab to enter and be in the running to win. Extra points are rewarded to those who share the love by promoting the competition or using the hashtag #iLovePevonia.

Pevonia Botanica, one of the world’s leading spa care brands, provides a complete line of products and treatments for face and body containing the finest natural marine and botanical ingredients combined with technologically advanced formulas to deliver outstanding visible results and an unsurpassed spa experience. Offering over 150 specialized home care products and more than 100 professional in-spa treatments, Pevonia provides effective skincare solutions for women and men of every age and ethnicity.


Help the men in your life refine their skincare choices

Pevonia Botanica Australia Organic Skin Care skincare Australia Men with great skin are hotMen are into gadgets and cars and they’d spend more hours scanning hardware shelves to score new tools than shop for skincare products. Women do the grocery shopping most of the time and when it comes to skin care, if you leave the men to do it, they’d probably pick a product they know from eighth grade. Geez.

This September, help the men in your life refine their choices with Pevonia Organic Skincare. When a man reaches his 30s, he becomes more concerned about his age so starting a basic anti-aging skincare routine is step one to achieving younger looking skin.


  • Men’s skin has thicker epithelium or outer layer so it’s important to use skincare products especially made for men to address their needs.
  • Go for regular facial treatment at the spa. Facial treatment for men is different from regular facial because men’s skin needs more hydration and it needs a powerhouse combo of repair actives. Because men’s skin is thicker, it needs products with tremendous ability to penetrate and bond moisture to skin.
    Perfect Father’s Day Gift: Pevonia’s Skin Fit Treatment for Men
  • Sunscreen is a must. No excuses. In a study done by Skin Cancer Foundation, men are more prone to Melanoma than women. Excessive exposure to the harmful sun rays burns men’s skin and that is because men tend to take for granted proper skin protection than women.
  • Exfoliate. And we mean men should exfoliate more often than women.
  • After-shave balm isn’t a substitute for moisturiser. Aftershave only shrinks the damaged pores so you need a moisturiser to hydrate your skin.
  • Have a nutritious diet. Remember, it shows on your skin when you eat healthy food so when you don’t, the dullness becomes even more visible. Tip: the more colourful your plate is, the better. Fruits and veggies are life changing!
    Check out our list of Super Food for Super Skin

Start with these four powerful products to rejuvenate and hydrate skin to recover from years of walking under the sun, unprotected:

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Get the Pevonia Skin Fitness for HIM gift pack for a special price:

Pevonia Botanica Australia Organic Skin Care skincare Australia Newsletter August For Men

Rebalance and Reclaim Beautiful Skin

Pevonia Botanica Organic Skincare Australia skin care tips moisturiseStill battling winter woes?

We’re halfway through winter and spring will be here very soon. Following our advice on treating your skin to a moisture surge, it’s time to rebalance and reclaim your skin’s lost glow.

We’ve listed down 5 skincare must-do’s that you’re not doing (yet). Emerge with beautiful skin this spring by following these tips:

  1. Dry brush. If you haven’t tried dry brushing before, you are missing a lot. Dry brushing not only helps shed dead skin cells, it also aids blood circulation by stimulating your nerve endings, thus helping you get rid of cellulite. It also helps your skin absorb more from  organic skincare products because it unclogs pores.
  2. Exfoliate often. The more frequent you do it, the better your skin gets. Why is that? When you exfoliate, you are increasing skin renewal at a healthy pace. So when it gets dull, exfoliating gives the dead skin cells a gentle lift (as compared to forcing them off like peeling).
  3. Moisturise. Moisturising is as important as never sleeping with your makeup on. In a country such as ours where weather could be extremely hot or extremely cold, our skin could only take so much. This isn’t just about being aesthetically beautiful. Healthy skin protects us from all kinds of diseases so we must make sure we’re geared at all times.
  4. Wrap it up. You know how salons wrap your body in plastic or bandage wrap after applying body moisturiser? Do can do it at home too. Wrapping your body (or a body part such as your leg) after applying moisturiser increases the heat at a level that opens your pores, thus absorbing your skincare cream better.
  5. And for the nth time, hydrate. Drinking plenty of water is the simplest and easiest way of maintaining healthy skin. Keeping your skin healthy comes easy when you are hydrated because your skin naturally changes without drastic effects.

Would you like to share with us your winter skin regime?
Comment below! You might just get featured.

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Rebalance and Reclaim beautiful skin with these Pevonia moisturisers! Purchase any of the three on or before July 31, 2014 and get a free 50ml cleanser and lotion.

Pevonia Botanica Organic Skincare Australia skin care moisturiser