Do you suffer from Facial Redness? Meet the celebrities who do too

I am not alone, I am not alone. This is a mantra that 40 million people worldwide suffering from facial redness and rosacea need to chant on a daily basis.

Let’s face it, everyone goes red from time to time. Whether it’s from pure embarrassment or exerting yourself from exercising it will happen, but if you find that you look red in the face constantly then you suffer from hypersensitivity and might well have rosacea. Facial redness is actually one of the most common visible signs of photo-aging and believe it or not a symptom that many A-list celebrities also suffer from!

Cameron Diaz, Renee Zellweger, Mariah Carey and Cynthia Nixon are all sufferers of rosacea.

Pevonia Botanica Australia Organic Skin Care skincare celebrities with rosaceaRosacea specifically is a type of skin inflammation that affects the face. Symptoms include facial redness, flushing, visible blood vessels and non-tender pustules. If this sounds like your skin, fear not! It can be reduced and in some cases totally controlled with the constant use of effective skincare.

Queue Pevonia’s RS2 line, an international best-seller! The range consists of 4 products that’ll really make a difference to your skin and wellbeing.

Pevonia Australia RS2 skincare line April 2015 rosacea awareness monthDon’t let us tell you how great the range is though; find out from some of our customers;

“My rosacea has been in remission ever since I started using the RS2 range. I wouldn’t use anything else on my face!” R. Morgan 

I’ve finally found a range that is good for my very sensitive, rosacea skin. It cools and calms my skin, my pores have shrunk and my skin is less blotchy after only 2 weeks of using all the products. Highly recommend the line.” Diana R

“I have been using the Pevonia RS2 Line for 5 years now to care for my Rosacea skin condition. Every one compliments me on my beautiful skin now! No more capillary issues, reduced redness. Couldn’t live without it!” Debbie W

“I love the RS2 Cleanser. Very gentle and keeps my rosacea very controlled.” Sarah M

“I love the RS2 Lotion. It is so soothing. My rosacea looks so much better since using this.

Highly recommended.” Miranda G

I have been using the RS2 Lotion for one year now and can say that my rosacea is in remission, it’s better than ever before. Sarah G

“The RS2 Concentrate is the only product I have found that calms my skin and has made a real difference.” Laurie B

“Rosacea runs in my family and the RS2 Concentrate is the only one I have found that actually soothes and calms my skin. After using it regularly I also noticed that it improved the texture of my skin.” Rebecca B”

“I can honestly say that the RS2 Care Cream is the only rosacea product I love and trust. It comforts and soothes my skin, reducing redness.” Michelle W

“After spending a lot of money on different products which didn’t work, I found the RS2 Care Cream to be the best that I have tried for my sensitive, rosacea skin. It’s gentle, and soothing while still moisturising my mature skin.” Johanna R

Prevent dry, rough hands this winter

Pevonia Botanica Organic Skincare Australia skin care Hands holding cup of tea coffee
It’s no secret hands are tough! Like our feet, the skin is thicker meaning hands can bounce back from the odd pan or curling iron burn, withstand household chemicals and be used day in day out for a myriad of activities with little discomfort to the skin. However just like our face and body we need to look after our hands to prevent them becoming dry, chapped, cracked and uncomfortable!

Not only are they useful little things but hands are one of the first places that betray your age! Yet another reason why we want to keep our hands supple and smooth all year round, not to mention mani’s look much more polished on a smoother, healthier hand.

Here are tips to care for your hands this Winter (and season after season)

  1. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! In the cooler months there is less moisture in the air and this strips our own skin of hydration. Keep a hand a cream on your desk, by your beside and in your hand bag. For an absolute hydrating pleasure try the Pevonia Myoxy Caviar Hand & Foot Cream. It applies like liquid silk and your hands with literally glow with a healthy radiance without a greasy finish. Caviar, Marine Collagen and Retinol blend to create the ultimate anti-aging formula. Decadence at its finest!
    Pevonia Youth Renew Myoxy Caviar Hand and Foot Cream
  2. Pat hands dry, don’t rough a towel over freshly washed hands. So you’re not stripping more moisture from hands after washing them, gently pat them dry and immediately follow with a hand cream.
  3. If you find the sensation of moisturiser on your hands simply too slippery try squeezing the cream onto the back of your hands and use the backs of the hands to rub the cream in. This way front of your hands stay free of moisturiser – although I do suggest you add a touch a moisturiser to care for this part of your hands too.
  4. Is repeatedly washing your hands in winter too harrowing? Keep a hand sanitiser on your desk so you can quickly pump this onto your hands before you eat lunch and keep hands clean while colds and flus are lurking about.
  5. Put your Exfoliator to multi-use! Do you notice after you scrub your face or body with a granular exfoliator, the front of your hands are silky smooth? That’s because as you are exfoliating your face and body, your hands are also benefiting from a nice little scrub. Every time you exfoliate your skin be sure to rub a small amount over both the front and back of the hands. You’ll notice how well your hand cream will soak in afterwards! Try the Pevonia Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser for face and then for hands! Jojoba beads gently lift dead skin cells and reveal a softer, more radiant complexion.
    Pevonia Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser
  6. Create a new routine to incorporate moisturising your hands. A good rule of thumb (yes, pun intended) is to moisturise hands just before bed time to let your hands soak in all the nourishing and hydrating properties overnight. Pevonia Multi-Active Hand Cream is fantastic to apply morning, night and 10 times in between!
    Pevonia Multi Active Hand Cream
  7. As tempting as it may be, water temperatures when washing your hands to luke warm. The hot water will dry out hands and only relieve cold, dry hands momentarily.

Remember if your hands feel dry, they are already too dry! Prevention is better than cure and you want to keep your hands soothe, supple and soft all year round.

by: Kanya K.

Super Foods for Super Skin

Pevonia Australia organic skin care Mixed Superfoods vegetables fruites healthy

Is your skin feeling lacklustre or you simply want to reboot it and up that healthy glow? Try introducing one of the below into your diet to rejuvenate skin from the inside out.


Cold water fish are an excellent source of protein and essential fats such as omega-3s, which when consumed have anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. Tuna is also known to promote elastin, to keep skin smooth, and supple.

Pevonia Australia Age-Correction-Firming-Marine-Elastin-Cream

To promote elasticity in skin look to the Age Correction Firming Marine Elastin Cream. This wonder product improves suppleness and elasticity in skin while revitalising, protecting and hydrating skin.


Green Tea

The polyphenols in green tea contain both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and can prevent against environmental damage. On those cooler afternoons, be sure to reach for a hot cup of Green Tea to warm up and boost skin!


Berries and kiwi and orange, oh my!

Strawberries are one of the most popular berry fruits in the world and contain high quantities of Vitamin C and K. Both Oranges and Kiwi Fruits are also an excellent source of Vitamin C which is a super antioxidant. Vitamin C is required for a strong immune system and radiant skin and help produce collagen to strengthen skin. To maximise the benefits of these super antioxidant delights, eat the fruit fresh.

Pevonia Australia Organic Skincare C-Complexe

To add a dose of Vitamin C to your skin care reach for the “C” Complexe. A beautiful serum for a radiant complexion! Vitamin C works to brighten skin and restore a youthful appearance in skin.


Almonds and Avocados

The Vitamin E found in almonds and avocados supports healthy skin growth and protects skin from cell damage that occurs in the aging process.


For those with combination skin (oily, yet dehydrated) your daily dose of Vitamin E to the skin is found in the Combination Skin Cleanser. A light textured, water soluble cleanser that controls an oily “T zone”, while deeply cleansing skin without stripping hydration.


Lean Red Meat

Zinc rich foods include lean red, poultry and fish. Zinc plays a role in the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands in skin, which produce oil, and helps to repair skin damage.


Bottoms Up!

And of course the cardinal rule of good health and well-being, drink plenty of water! Skin needs moisture to stay flexible. Mild dehydration can often be felt and seen in dry, parched and cracking lips but your skin too will start to look dry, tired and slightly grey if it’s not receiving enough hydration.

 Pevonia Australia Organic Skin Care Water Glass

by: Kanya

Rest your tired soles!

Pevonia Botanica Australia Organic Skincare Summer Beach Feet

Has a summer spent walking barefoot on hot pavements, sprinting across sand comparable to scorching coals and time dallying in the surf left your feet more drab than fab?

Rejuvenate your poor tootsies back to their former glory with these 3 simple steps.

  1. Scrub away – a summer of gallivanting outside results in hard soles and tough heels. The first action to take is to remove dead cells from your heels and pads of the feet to smooth and rejuvenate skin. Pevonia Silky Foot Peel combines Salicylic Acid and Pumice powder in a creamy granular formula to work over feet and literally buff away roughness. Take a seat in front of your favourite TV drama and massage this exfoliating delight over feet.
  2. Slick on a foot cream – you moisturise your face, body and hands so don’t forget your feet!  Treat your feet to the Pevonia Multi-Active Foot Cream to hydrate, deodorise and replenish skin. The rough and tough areas are softened while Gycolic Acid prevents thickening of the skin.
  3. Polish for perfection – clip, file and polish your toe nails on the regular to keep them looking fresh. A fresh glaze of polish to neatly trimmed nails makes all the difference to the appearance of your feet! You’ll suddenly be flaunting your feet at any chance you get.

Now your feet will remain fabulously fresh all year round.
Do you have skincare and beauty secrets to share?

Written by: Kanya