Troublesome Skin? It might be time to strip back your routine!

skincare routineSkincare isn’t one size fits all, everyone has a different skin type and different skincare needs. Some people like having an extensive skincare routine, and others want something quick and easy. Whatever your skincare routine is there are times when your skin needs nothing more than rebalancing.

What is rebalancing?

It’s focusing on the skin’s oil and moisture levels to find perfect harmony, what we call a “normal” skin.  By doing this skin becomes more tolerant, less dry or oily and generally happier.

Why Pevonia Essential Line is the perfect antidote to unbalanced skin.

The essential lines; Dry, Sensitive and Combination are based on Essential Oils in perfect percentages to achieve optimum rebalancing.  Essential oils are whole, complete plant compounds. They contain the life force of the plant, which not only makes them beneficial but also powerful!

Here’s how they work…


It is commonly misconstrued that dry and dehydrated skin are one and the same, this is not accurate. Dry skin can also be dehydrated, but dehydrated skin is not necessarily dry skin. When your skin is dehydrated it needs more water, when your skin is dry it needs more oil.

Pevonia Dry Skin Line contains hydrating Hyaluronic Acid as well is nourishing Micronized Vitamin E and Pear Seed Extract and the Essential Oils of Rose and Ylang Ylang to stimulate the skin’s oil production.


Those with sensitive skin must choose products that contain ingredients that calm, soothe, heal, reduce redness and moisturise.

Pevonia Sensitive Skin Line contains calming, soothing ingredients like Allantoin and Azulene to control sensitivity with healing ingredients like Aloe, Chamomile and Propolis to help repair and reduce redness and the discomfort felt with sensitive skin, but it is the exquisite French Rose essential oil that is gold in this collection, not only does it dramatically sooth the skin it balances the oil and moisture levels offering stronger protection against the elements.


Treating and understanding combination skin can be confusing; nevertheless, being consistent with a clear, concise regimen will balance and hydrate this misunderstood skin type.

The important thing to remember is Combination skin requires products that normalize skin deficiencies while combating dryness and dehydration.

Pevonia’s normal to combination skin line contains some of the most effective essential oils such as: Grapefruit, Rosemary Oil and Lemon Grass Oil for balancing skin’s oily secretions. These oils literally “sedate” the oil glands. Add to this healing Arnica, Hazel Nut Oil and Vitamin E and the results are tightened pores, balanced, toned and refreshed skin.

So if your skin is feeling less than “normal” or you are suffering from ingredient overload, it might be time to strip back your routine and enjoy the powerful rebalancing powers of the Pevonia Essential Lines.


For the month of July, purchase a Pevonia Essential Line Cream; Dry, Sensitive or Combination and Receive a Full Size matching Cleanser FREE!