5 steps to perfecting sandal-ready feet!

sandal-ready feet

sandal-ready feet

Ready to slip into sandals and flaunt your feet? Or are they looking more drab than fab? If the latter it’s time to rejuvenate your feet back to their former summer glory with these 5 simple steps.

  1. Foot soak

There is nothing quite as relaxing as soaking your feet in a warm bath. In fact soaking your feet offers a multitude of benefits from softening the skin in preparation for step no. 2, to easing tired muscles and improving circulation!sandal-ready feet - soak

  1. Scrub away

Exfoliation is a key part to getting your feet sandal ready! Scaly, dry feet are not pretty so it’s important to remove any dead skin from your heels and the pads of your feet. You can do this by using an exfoliating cream, pumice or foot scrub.

sandal-ready feet - scrub

  1. Moisturise

We all understand the importance of moisturising our face (and body!) so why should our feet be any different? Over the winter months feet often get neglected resulting in dry cracked heels and hard, thickened skin. It’s time to treat your feet to an intensive moisturising cream!

Try Pevonia Multi-Active Foot Cream. This wonder-cream combines ingredients like tea tree oil, orange oil, shea butter, salicylic acid and glycolic acid, making it antibacterial and deeply moisturising. Hardened, rough areas will be instantly softened, rendering feet restored and smooth!

sandal-ready feet - moisturize

  1. Nail care

Caring for your toe nails is just as important as grooming your feet! Make sure you regularly file and clip nails ready for the perfect polish!

  1. Polish for perfection

Have fun experimenting with the perfect polish for your tootsies! And use a toe separator for ease (it’ll make application so much easier!) A fresh coat of polish will complete the perfect pedicure for feet and have them sandal ready in next to no time!

sandal-ready feet - polish

Bonus step: Soothe sore feet

There is no doubt that we demand more of our feet during the spring and summer months! So at the end of a long day, pamper tired, aching feet with Pevonia’s Tension Relief Gel.  It’s anti-inflammatory, cooling and uplifting for sore feet.

Feeling time poor?  Why not go all out and give your feet the heavenly attention of a professional pedi-spa. The Pevonia Foot spa treatment is really more like a foot facial! Lounge back and be pampered, nourished and polished to pedi-perfection. Search for your nearest Pevonia spa here.

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