Brightening musts from Pevonia

Brightening musts from Pevonia

Sometimes your skin just needs a little “pick me up” to get back into balance.  Seasonal temperature shifts, lack of sleep or just when hormones aren’t behaving are just some of the reasons why our skin can become tired and lack-lustre.

Which is why we need to add a few more items in our skin care wardrobe that do more than the old “cleanse, tone, moisturise”.

Two of our favourites (and apparently yours too as these are two of our best-sellers) sure to get you out of the skin care blaaaaaaahhhs and into the skin care aaaaahhhhhhh’s!


pevonia enzymo-spherides peeling cream

There’s something so wholesome about this peeling cream that smells so delicious you could eat it!  Papaya and Pineapple have been selected for their enzyme peeling action, in other words, an action that gently digests away the dead skin cells instead of abrading or burning them off.  So it’s gentle, really gentle, and it’s effective too!  Nothing makes skin feel cleaner, lighter or more purified than this jar of goodness and it’s easy to use; simply apply a thin layer on cleansed skin, wet the fingertips with warm water, this will help to “wake up” the enzymes, then leave them to do their thing for 5-10 minutes, then rinse away.  What you are left with is skin that looks reborn and with a lustrous sheen that says “I am fresh and I am rejuvenated!”.


pevonia c complexe with oxyzomes

How can we describe a serum that smells like a fresh orange, is silkier than silk and once applied leaves your skin looking as though you’ve just returned from a tropical island holiday?  A bit over the top? Ok, maybe… but seriously, this is an addictive product and when applied beneath your regular moisturiser offers a vibrancy and luminosity rarely seen without a pound of makeup.  Many clients comment that it has in fact helped eliminate the need for foundation! Pretty serious claim but true nonetheless.  What’s more is every time you apply this product full of anti-oxidants, you know you are defending yourself from the most harmful free-radical of the them all; the hydroxyl-radical which results from solar exposure.

So if dullness and tiredness and generally sadness are your skin woes, try these two miracle workers for the most “alive and happy” skin you ever experienced.

Want to find out more simply visit our website on www.pevonia.com.au and be sure to check out our search a spa page for your nearest stockist.