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Spa Clinica Pro Micro-Retinol line

I’m completely in love with the Spa Clinica Pro Micro-Retinol line.  I noticed the most dramatic change to my skin after the very first treatment and over time my skin just keeps getting better. My favourite product in the line is the Micro-Retinol Serum; it gives my skin a glow and seems to make the pores disappear. Ive noticed a great improvement to firmness, moisture levels, skin texture and a reduction in hyper-pigmentation. What more could I want? I¹ve used Retinol based products before but find them irritating and unpleasant to use, this line however feels great, smells great and works!

Liane Scior, Director of Marketing & Education

Marine Collagen Cream

My absolute can't live without product is the Marine Collagen Cream. I use this both morning and night religiously! It's a gorgeous rich yet fine cream that feels amazing on application and leaves my skin soft, supple and like it's just had a boost of moisture! It's also great knowing that it effectively fights the signs of aging! Say no more!

Jo Boyden, PR & Marketing Manager

Micro Emulsion Massage Cream

One of my favourite Pevonia products is the Micro Emulsion Anti Stress. I use it every night after the shower to put a bit of hydration back into my dry skin. It's so silky and rich but absorbs really well and the geranium and orange scent is so soothing. It actually relieves my tension! I love that you can use this on damp skin so no need to towel dry and it's also great to rub a little in the ends of your hair to smooth split ends and flyaways. It really is a multi-purpose product!

Brooke Parsons, PA to Managing Director

Spa Clinica Pro Micro-Retinol line

The results are instant every time refined, bright beautiful skin. By far the best Retinol line I have ever used both professional and personally.

Danielle Bafas, Account Manager & Educator, VIC

Enzymo-Spherides Peeling Cream

Ideally, I want my skin to show off a luminous and radiant glow, which forces people to squint in my presence! I'm almost there with my all-time favourite Pevonia product, the Enzymo-Spherides Peeling Cream. I use this wonder product throughout the year to exfoliate and brighten my skin. With a beautiful fruity-fresh scent, I apply a layer of the cream to my skin and let the cream's unique pineapple and papaya enzymes work away at my skin to eliminate impurities and smooth the skin before thoroughly washing off with the Phtyo-Gel Cleanser. I imagine little pac man like characters eating away the dead skin cells to reveal healthy, radiant skin.

Kanya Nanayakkara, Marketing & PR Coordinator

Soothing Sensitive Skin Cream

Soothing Sensitive Skin Cream is by far my favourite product – it satisfies exactly what my skin craves. The cream isn't heavy or thick but light and smooth, which absorbs immediately into my skin. My skin feels stronger, smoother and looks calm and hydrated. Dehydration is a key concern of mine especially during the chilly months and the Sensitive Skin Cream works it magic throughout the year!

Jimmy Lovett, Operations Manager

Marine Collagen Cream

The Marine Collagen Cream is the holy grail of all products. It instantly quenches my thirsty skin for a hydrated and plump feeling that lasts all day. It really does provide a moisture surge for my skin and is a dream to put on. The texture is beautiful and literally feels like I am ironing out my skin for a velvety-smooth finish.

Simone Zanatta, Accountant

Spa Clinica Pro Micro-Retinol line

After living on Collagen Cream for the past 5 years, I have been using the new Micro Retinol range now for 4 months and love how much brighter and more youthful my skin looks. I love using a gel cleaners also. I give my skin a boost with the Micro Retinol Peel each month to keep those early aging lines and wrinkles at bay now that I am nearing 37.

Kellie Baker, Major Projects and Training Manager

O2ptimal C Complex

I have a deep Love for the Optimal C Complex. Its a passionate combination of Pure Vitamin C and Hyluronic acid. Vitamin C works to Brighten my skin when it feels devitalised and Hyluronic Acid drenches my skin in moisture, hydrating it for the entire day. I apply this beautiful concentrate underneath my reactive care cream Morning and Night for "optimal" results.....

Melissa Clemo, Account Manager & Educator, WA

Rs2 Cream

My favourite Pevonia product is the RS2 Cream. I suffer from Rosacea so my skin is very reactive, sensitive and red. Since using this, my skin feels a lot calmer and my skin has gradually improved over time. I wish I'd had this product years ago and nothing I used before seemed to help. I now use the entire RS2 line and my skin feels pretty good for an old guy!

Rainer Scior, Managing Director

Marine Collagen Cream

I've used and loved the Marine Collagen Cream for so many years and although my skin needs a switch up from time to time I keep coming back to this old favourite. I love it because it hydrates so well, my skin becomes very dehydrated by the end of the day and this cream is still working well into the evening leaving my skin dewy and soft all day. A little goes such a long way so one jar lasts me ages. I also love the way my makeup glides over the top and seems to last longer. Lastly it has the most luxurious texture yet doesn't leave my skin greasy and smells gorgeous! In a nutshell, it's everything I look for in a care cream.

Nicole Flowers, National Sales Manager

O2ptimal C Complex

My fave product is the Vitamin C Complex Concentrate. I love that it's hydrating, collagen stimulating and extremely brightening! Makes me look like I've had a great night's sleep.

Jessica Green, Account Manager & Educator, NSW

Hydrating Sunscreen SPF30

Pevonia's Hydrating Sunscreen is definitely one of my favourites! Whenever I am out and about either on the beach or wakeboarding, this SPF 30 is my sparring partner. Before, in betweens, and after sessions, I make sure that apply the right amount to my face and arms making sure that I get the right sun without it causing any damage. And truth be told, the day after, my skin is never sore from all that sun. Pevonia Hydrating Sunscreen is one of the most effective sunscreens I used that really cares for my skin.

Aaron Tan Lu, Web Developer / Digital Marketing Specialist

Easy-Glide Shaving Emulsion

I like this silky Easy-Glide Shaving Emulsion because delivers the velvety-smooth shaving experience. Easy-Glide Emulsion makes shaving so easy and fun! I can actually feel my skin smooth and fresh after shaving without any irritation because of its natural ingredients.

Jonathan Velasquez, Web/Graphic Designer

Pevonia Clarifyl Spot Treatment and Pevonia Lightening Gel

Even though I’m approaching my 30s my skin still gets easily irritated and spots appear from time to time. I’m glad I discovered this perfect duo - Pevonia Clarifyl Spot Treatment and Pevonia Lightening Gel. The spot treatment immediately takes away the redness in my skin and the lightening gel helps in making sure there’s no trace of pimple marks. My skin looks brand new, all the time!

Elaine Palapag, Social Media and e-Marketing Coordinator

Lumablanc Cream

It’s hard to find a pigmentation cream that actually works but I’ve seen pigmentation breakdown and disappear with this amazing cream right in front of my eyes.

Melinda Stavrevski, Account Manager & Educator, VIC

Stem Cells Phyto-Elite Intensive Cream

Nature’s answer to Botox! I absolutely adore this product, packed with Argan and Comfrey Stem Cells perfect for dramatically plumping and smoothing out my fine lines and Royal Jelly a powerful collagen booster. This lightweight super formula leaves my skin feeling silky smooth, young and beautiful. I love knowing that I’ve given my skin a distinct advantage in preventative aging.

Keshmi Chand-Dovecer, Account Manager & Educator, QLD

Sensitive Skin Aromatherapy Face Oil

I adore the sensitive skin aromatherapy face oil. It smells amazing, and feels beautiful on my skin. In conjunction with the organics range, my skin is clearer, healthier and more hydrated than ever before!

Katie Hurley, Administration Assistant