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Skin gets damaged as we age. Wrinkles, lack of elasticity, lack of density and support, and uneven pigmentation become highly visible. As these aging signs surface, they affirm the abnormal disturbances in existence within the skin. A highly evident skin disturbance is abnormal cellular function which results in irregular cellular activity, abnormal functioning and reproduction of basal epider mal cells, abnormal melanocytes activity and irregular pigmentation, lack of protection of the skin surface, as well as a lack of moisture balance and vital hydration.

When used as an active ingredient within skincare products, standard retinol can deliver results. However, due to this ingredient’s known poor stability, easy product breakdown, and quick oxidation, retinol manufacturers often incorporate a very small quantity within their skincare formulas because of the challenges this ingredient represents. Additionally, the final formula must then be kept away from light and oxygen in order to maintain efficacy. Therefore, when dealing with retinol products, skincare manufacturers must take specific measures to ensure product performance.

Pevonia’s exclusive Micro-Retinol™ technology far surpasses all of the manufacturing challenges and limitations associated with this ingredient. Pevonia’s Micro-Retinol™ is a micronized emulsion of retinol. This brand-exclusive Micro-Retinol™ technology disperses tiny retinol micro-particles within the skin. Serving as an expedited delivery system, Micro-Retinol™ allows immediate and easy absorption as well as targeted delivery within the deeper epidermal layers, rapidly re-stabilizing the skin’s normal function. Considered the skin organizer, retinol works to energize the basal cells and restore their normal activity.

As the skin’s cellular activity is accelerated, the slow cellular division (mitosis) is increased, cellular growth is accelerated, and cellular renewal is normalized. Furthermore, this exclusive Micro-Retinol™ technology effectively reduces the oxidation or lipo peroxidation of cellular membranes, in turn strengthening and boosting cells to a healthier state. As the deeper cellular layers fill the void and become denser, the surface layers of the skin are slowly rebuilt and the overall surface looks dramatically smoother, visibly perfected, and immediately brighter with a more even skin tone.