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Why we love it?

It’s one of the most effective organic skin treatments to counteract expression lines and lack of firmness! Wrinkles are reduced by up to 47% and skin elasticity is improved by 45%.



This spectacular skin smoothing treatment features Escutox, a topical natural alternative to botox. The remarkable ingredient contains Hibiscus Esculentus extract known for its high nutritional values, as well as proteins, saccharides and oligo-peptides which provides the skin with a dramatic densifying effect.

Escutox works topically on the shallow nerve ending network system of the skin and stimulates the receptors that control muscle movement. Therefore topical application relaxes, plumps and smoothes the skin and leaves it less prone to form lines and wrinkles.



Smoothes fine lines
Increases skins plumpness within wrinkles
Increases hydration
Increases skins suppleness & strengthens elasticity
Rejuvenates the skin
Counteracts the aging process


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Key Ingredients



Escutox® is a special blend of Hibiscus Esculentus Extract and other ingredients derived from indigenous plants in South Asia and Africa. Hibiscus Esculentus Extract is cultivated for its seed pods and known for its high nutritional values. It contains a complex of saccharides and oligo-peptides obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis.

By powerfully stimulating the nerve endings network system, Pevonia’s Escutox provides evident relaxation of harsh wrinkles, increased skin plumpness within the wrinkles, expedited absorbency of all actives within the formula, visible wrinkle smoothing and anti-aging benefits.